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christmas in the south

Christmas In The South

As a Northerner, the holiday season that I experienced in Minnesota is pretty different from the holiday season that my children will experience living in South Carolina. As a kid in Minnesota, Christmas morning usually meant waking up to beautiful, fluffy snow covering our yard. I’d stand over the heat register to feel the warm […]

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2016 CMB Reader Survey {Win a $100 Target Gift Card!}

Thank you for making us the go-to Parenting Resource in Charleston: We want your feedback! We want to continue to bring you updated resources, information, and the ability to connect with other Charleston area parents! In order to continue to do that, we need your help! We would love for you to provide your feedback by taking the quick 5-minute […]

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White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas

A Christmas Party just wouldn’t be the same without it.  A “White Elephant Gift Exchange”, “Grinch Game”, “Thieves’ Christmas”, “Yankee Swap”, “Dirty Santa”, etc.  The names go on, but the game is basically the same.  Everyone brings a silly, cheap gift to the party and you take turns opening and swapping these totally impractical {yet […]

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These Are The Days!

Just like every mom, I have “those days.” The day when I feel like nothing is going right and if you asked my toddler, he’d tell you the same thing, especially since he didn’t get his milk the exact moment he asked for it and putting on his shoes interrupted his playtime. The day when […]

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Mom’s Guide to December: Family Events in Charleston

OverviewDecember 1 - 3December 4 - 10December 11 - 17December 18 - 24December 25-31Overview Welcome to December! This month we’re looking forward to so many fun holiday events for the whole family. Don’t forget to check out our Resources Page for all our local guides - parks & playgrounds, photographers, birthday parties, and more! Please click on the [...]
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