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Why I Worry: Raising Military “Brats”

April is the month of the military child, and since I live with three of them – my own two air force “brats” and my army “brat” of a husband, I believe this group of around 2 million children throughout the world is a group worth celebrating. But what about the mothers of these children? […]

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Bathing Suit Season

As Swimsuit Season Approaches….

If you are looking for advice on diet and exercise to get “swimsuit ready,” or want to know which swimsuit most flatters your body…you’re in the wrong place. Personally, I think no matter how you design the spandex, it’s spandex; the whole point is that it will cling to your every curve. Last year at […]

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Never Have I Ever

Motherhood: The Giant Game Of “Never Have I Ever…”

You remember that game right? It is the get-to-know you, tell-all game that often reveals life’s funny or embarrassing moments. Ellen Degeneres routinely plays “Never Have I Ever” on her show. Ellen begins by saying “Never Have I Ever (fill in the blank…)” and then celebrities like Johnny Depp, Matt Lauer, or the entire One Direction band answer […]

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10 Skills Mothers of Young Children Acquire

10 Unique Skills Mothers of Young Children Acquire

Motherhood came with a large learning curve. Many of my lessons have become life-lessons. Invaluable pieces of knowledge learned about myself, my capabilities, and my strength that will shape me forever.  Then there are the “unique” skills I’ve acquired. Skills that, to be honest, will never grace any resume. Here’s my list of the top […]

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