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2017 Dream Guide

2017 Dream Guide

Jennie Allen is an author that I follow on Instagram. Right after Christmas she posted that she and her husband were working on their 2017 Dream Guide. This is something that she came up with and shared with her followers on her blog ( It’s a free resource to help organize and actually put your […]

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the working mom juggle

The Working Mom Juggle

It was an early Monday morning and my living room had just begun to fill with daylight. I had gotten up extra early to make sure everything on my to-do list was complete because I had an early flight to catch for my monthly business trip. My little girl, with her messy hair and her […]

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12 Signs You’re a Spouse of a Doctor [in Training]

The medical industry in cities across the nation can often times provide a community within a community, especially in the areas of Medical School and Residency/Fellowship. Here in Charleston, it’s no different. When you come across another mom at the park, school, grocery store…there is an immediate bond when finding out you share this common thread, […]

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scheduling sex

How Scheduling Sex Saved My Marriage

It’s not difficult to find article after article on the internet about how over-scheduling our lives causes stress, anxiety, fatigue, and the need for cheese and more wine. So it might come as a surprise if I told you that I attribute “scheduling” with helping my marriage through a tough time. I’m not talking about […]

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Buying a Piece of My Heart

Today we bought our Charleston house, something I’ve been dreaming about since the first moment I came here to tour the College nearly 15 years ago.  The instant love of Charleston is something most people feel, and it’s a big reason why nearly 45 people a day move here to call this beautiful place home! […]

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The Deeper End of

The Deeper End of Parenting

In 2009 Roper St. Francis Hospital mandated that parents watch a short educational video about proper sleeping and feeding techniques, with information about SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome, prior to being released from the Maternity Care Center. So, about 24 hours after our first child was born, I was wheeled into a small room with […]

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