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7 New Dad Tipsfor ScoringMajor Brownie Points

7 New-Dad Tips for Scoring Major Brownie Points

Hi there, new dads!  Well, maybe you are not quite a rookie…you may even have 19 kids and counting.  Even so, I thought I’d give you a little cheat sheet of new dad tips so you can score some major brownie points with your mama-to-be.  Even the veteran dads need reminders, right? 1.  Mama-to-Be has no […]

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5 Must-Have

5 Must Have Gifts for New Moms

Every time I got pregnant {especially in those final weeks}, my friends and neighbors would ask me if I needed anything.  But after three kids, we had all the baby stuff we could possibly need…so I was stumped on how they could help.  So here’s a little list of five must have gifts for new […]

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Bathing Suit Season

As Swimsuit Season Approaches….

If you are looking for advice on diet and exercise to get “swimsuit ready,” or want to know which swimsuit most flatters your body…you’re in the wrong place. Personally, I think no matter how you design the spandex, it’s spandex; the whole point is that it will cling to your every curve. Last year at […]

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Thoughts on Heaven{Pregnancy Loss}

Thoughts on Heaven {Pregnancy Loss}

Here I am…29 weeks pregnant with baby boy #2.  Starting to feel very ready to meet our second and final baby (God-willing). Preparations are in full swing now: paint, hospital classes, extra snuggles with the big brother to-be, and the like.  Excitement and anticipation are building by the minute.  It’s almost game time.  Time to “complete” […]

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WBW Sarah

Breastfeeding, Again {Do I Have To?!}

August 1-7 is World Breastfeeding Week. All week long, our contributors will be sharing their stories, encouragement, trials, and helpful tips for nursing moms. We are halfway to baby boy #2, which means halfway to breastfeeding…again!  Oh, but do I have to?! One of the many questions a first time mother is asked before having their first child is, […]

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mom and baby

Following, Bending, and Breaking the Mommy Rules

Several times throughout my pregnancy, those from older generations made comments to me about how much pregnancy and child rearing has changed since they did it.  Pregnant women having to avoid soft cheeses, cold cuts, and small amounts of alcohol didn’t seem to be as big of a deal then as it is today.  Maybe […]

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