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Time Out,Mom!

Time Out, Mom!

I am part of several “mom” groups on facebook and the consistent theme I keep hearing is how exhausted everyone is.  Between playgroups, toilet training, carpool, making breakfast, lunch, dinner, cleaning, nursing, keeping teenagers alive, volunteering, working…(do I really need to continue this list) we assume our exhaustion is normal.  I mean who wouldn’t feel […]

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A Day for our Moms

When my first Mother’s Day as a mom rolled around, I did a little happy dance. I was fresh out the gates with a two-month-old little girl and thrilled to finally hold the coveted title of “Mom.” I began picturing what this newly meaningful holiday would look like each year. I imagined being showered with […]

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Little Lights in the Dark {Random Acts of Kindness}

 As my children grow older, I find myself trying to explain the sad and painful parts of life. I know they are looking to me to show them how to respond to difficult moments. I try to put things into perspective for them in ways they can understand while still respecting their abilities to process […]

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