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12 Essential Manners

12 Essential Manners to Teach Your Kids

Is it me, or do kids these days seem socially awkward, discontent, and downright rude?  Not all kids, of course, but it seems that on a daily basis I’m out somewhere and completely appalled at what a youngster is getting away with. So, in case you were wondering what essential manners to teach your children, […]

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Leave a Trail

 “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”–Emerson Glaring at Transcendentalist images of a wooded landscape and cabin surrounded by tiny printed words made me wish I could beam myself out of a stuffy high school desk and onto the beach. Little did I […]

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due with

Due with Baby #2: The Perks of Two under Two

I am excited to announce that our family is growing! We wanted to be a family of four, so we are extremely excited! It happened a little sooner than we expected, but I hear that happens the second time around! Check out my Birth Control After Baby post for more on that! This time around we are expecting […]

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HotRide Bling

**Note:  Press play to hear the audio while reading this post.  It will make sense by the end, promise.  Drake. “Hotline Bling.” By Aubrey Graham, Paul Jeffries, and Timmy Thomas. Hotline Bling. Cash Money, 2015. Eighty-five degrees or forty-five degrees, popsicle or Hot Pocket, my daughter Macey and I are out the door. We have […]

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Kids + Routines = STRESS!! PART II {what happened when we dropped the routines}

Click here to read part one… Night one: I threw the bedtime curfew out the window!  Something I never thought I would do.  I asked them if they were ready to go to bed, in unison they both replied “NOPE!”  My response,  “Okay, you guys can stay up and play, but I’m going to take a bath.”  Their faces […]

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Never Have I Ever

Motherhood: The Giant Game Of “Never Have I Ever…”

You remember that game right? It is the get-to-know you, tell-all game that often reveals life’s funny or embarrassing moments. Ellen Degeneres routinely plays “Never Have I Ever” on her show. Ellen begins by saying “Never Have I Ever (fill in the blank…)” and then celebrities like Johnny Depp, Matt Lauer, or the entire One Direction band answer […]

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