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Life after the NICU

Life After the NICU

Having a baby in the NICU is scary and the days can seem endless. But thankfully for many babies, there’s a happy ending, and after days, weeks, or months it’s time to go home! As a preemie parent, time to go home is both exciting and terrifying! Here are some of the changes/things you may experience: You’re […]

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When the Wheels Come Down: How My Stroller Has Made Me More Aware Of People With Disabilities

How My Stroller Has Made Me More Aware Of People With Disabilities

Prior to gaining my Stay-At-Home-Mom status, I worked in the school system for a few years as a one-on-one assistant to two different children in exceptional education classrooms. Both children used wheelchairs. It was the first time I had interacted so intimately with anyone in a wheelchair. Neither child that I worked directly with was fully […]

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the new girl

The New Girl

Truth be told, I’ve never really been “the new girl.” Even from the beginning of elementary school, I never felt out of place because I had friends from my neighborhood that started each school year with me. When I started middle school, I had some of those same elementary school friends going to the same […]

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