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the side hustle

The Side Hustle

Ladies, I must say I’m impressed. All over social media you are making an extra buck for your family with your side business. Whether it is Arbonne or Beauty Counter or Stella and Dot, I have a network of people who are working their regular job, their side hustle as I affectionately call it, and […]

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12 Signs You’re a Spouse of a Doctor [in Training]

The medical industry in cities across the nation can often times provide a community within a community, especially in the areas of Medical School and Residency/Fellowship. Here in Charleston, it’s no different. When you come across another mom at the park, school, grocery store…there is an immediate bond when finding out you share this common thread, […]

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Annual Performance Review

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost one year since I completely changed careers. It was the third career change for me in 14 years. I began in sports marketing, jumped to church youth work, and in August of 2015, I set about the task of scaling Mt. Stay-At-Home-Mother. (I’m still climbing.) At my previous […]

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Evidence Your Hubby Works Away…

Having a husband who works away can be entertaining, hectic, messy and downright exhausting.  The delirium can sometimes turn into hilarity when we are left up to our own devices.  Here are a few pieces of evidence that show your hubby works away: 1. You are teleported back into the 70’s. While my husband is […]

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Maternity Leave is the Opposite of “Me-ternity Leave”

Mamas, have any of you had a chance to hear about a woman named Meghann Foye? If not, let me quickly fill you in. She’s the woman who just wrote a book title “Meternity” and who has created quiet a buzz around what she is saying. Her story has been featured on sites like the […]

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