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Mom Squad

I don’t often ever refer to people as “a squad” or “my sqaud.” I know it’s very common to use #sqaudgoals when referring to a group that you aspire to be like, but you won’t find me using that hashtag. However, I definitely feel that as moms, we all need some sort of “mom squad.” I looked up the word squad and here is the first definition that came up: a small group of people having a particular task. As moms, we have multiple tasks that we are working towards accomplishing, but our one common task: keeping tiny (or not so tiny) humans alive. I am blessed to have some great mom friends and when I take a minute to think about what each of my mom friends bring to the table, I’d say it makes up a pretty amazing squad. So, even though you won’t find me using #sqaudgoals on my Instagram, I would like to highlight some of the kinds of moms in my particular mom squad. 

Mom Squad

  • The Encouragers: I have several friends in this category. These are my mom friends who are a constant encouragement to me when it comes to all things motherhood. The ones who send me texts or Facebook messages reminding me that I’m a good mom even on the crappiest of days. These are the moms I know I can count on to lift me up and help bring me out of whatever funk I may be in. 
  • The Moms That Make It Easy To Pick Up Where You Left OffThis group of moms are the ones that I don’t live close to anymore. However, no matter the physical distance that’s between us, we are able to pick up right where we left off the last time we were together. These moms provide a sense of comfort and a feeling of being “home.” 
  • The Couponing & Penny Pinching MomsThis is a TOUGH area for me. I have never been good at couponing or pinching our pennies, so to speak. I’m so glad that I have a few mom friends who are really gifted in this area and are willing to share their tips with me! I’ve actually learned a lot about couponing and how to save more money on groceries and household items over the past few months. It’s been a huge help. 
  • The ONE That Shares My Intense Love For All Things “Friday Night Lights:” If you know me at all, then you know that I am a BIG HUGE GINORMOUS fan of the TV series Friday Night Lights. I have this one mom friend in particular who shares same love that I do for this show. Throughout the summer we have spent hours binge watching together. We get together after our kids are in bed and we watch, we laugh, we eat ice cream…it’s the greatest combination. I love having a friend that I can share both the fun and the serious moments of life with.  This friend brings so much more to the table of our friendship than just a passion for the same TV show. Her heart and her passion truly inspire me. 
  • The Ones That Cook Healthy Meals & Work Out RegularlyWhew! Two major struggle areas for me personally. I DO NO like to cook. At all. And if you don’t like to cook in the first place, cooking healthy meals just makes things more difficult. I appreciate my mom friends that share cooking tips and ideas. I also appreciate my mom friends who share their struggles and their wins when it comes to exercise. Sometimes it appears that others are posting pictures or videos of them working out just for show, but when moms are real with their own personal struggles AND offer encouraging words, it can be very motivating. 
  • The Ones Who Aren’t Afraid to Speak TruthTo be honest, these aren’t always my favorite mom friends. That doesn’t mean I don’t love them dearly, but there are times when I need to hear things that I absolutely don’t want to hear. When a friend has the right heart and the right intentions, it makes those times easier to bear. I am grateful for those kinds of mom friends. 
  • The One Who Is My SisterWhat a precious gift it is to be able to go through motherhood side by side with a sister. I have two younger sisters and one of them has three kids who are very close in age to my three. My sister and I have gone through pregnancies together, first time mom jitters, middle of the night feedings, toddler temper tantrums, potty training woes, and the list goes on. Even though we don’t live right around the corner from each other anymore, I know she is only a text or a phone call away. Just last week we were texting back and forth about how much we miss just sitting in the living room, chatting, and enjoying a delicious Coke and watching our kiddos run around like crazy together. I love that our kids love spending time with each other and I hope that they always will. 
  • The One Who Knows Me BestShe is the one who is my absolute best friend. She has seen me at my best, and at my very worst. She has helped me become more relaxed as a mother and has reminded me to not sweat the small things. She is the one who told me at the very beginning of my motherhood journey to give myself grace on a daily basis. She celebrates the WINS with me and encourages and pushes me through the times that I feel like a failure. She has been there every step of the way. 
  • The One Who Is MY Mom: What would I ever do without this one? She is a woman and a mother that I aspire to be like. She has taught me so much about mothering, not only through her words, but through her actions. She is there whenever I need a listening ear, helping hand, or a shoulder to cry on. It is such a blessing to have a mom that is supportive, encouraging, caring, and so much more! If I can be half the mom that she has been to my sisters and I, then I am definitely on the right track. 

Even though these are just a few of the kinds of moms that I am privileged  to know and be friends with, all of us moms are in this thing together. We all need our “squad” walking right alongside of us, helping this particular task called motherhood to be just a little easier. 

Mom Squad

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