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The Calm After The Storm

Moving from one coast (Gulf coast) to another coast (East Coast) and being someone who grew up tracking hurricanes, you might wonder why I would subject myself and my family to more hurricane warnings and evacuations.  I mean, if you are going to move cross-country, why not move somewhere that doesn’t experience hurricanes?! 



There is something people don’t understand about southerners…

We don’t wallow during tradegy, feeling sorry for ourselves, we roll up our sleeves, put our “shrimp boots” on and offer the shirt off of our back to our fellow neighbor.

These hard times are momentarily followed by selfless acts, open doors, shoulders to cry on, helping hands, kind words, new friends and a new-found hope.  Hope that our crazy, selfish world is still full of wonderfully amazing people!


You see, the calm after the storm is the best part.  The part that makes me proud to be a southerner.

I’m not overwhelmed by fallen trees, the loss of power or general inconvenience of it all, but by the love shown by fellow neighbors.


After the storm, the sun will shine and we will be “Charleston Strong.”


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