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Make Today Count

Make This Day Count

Everyday I wake up planning to go for a run. Having just completed my first half-marathon a few weeks ago, I am now considered a runner. I know my body needs exercise, but my brain can’t quite handle it. I know I should do it first thing in the morning, yet I just can’t bring […]

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AHA Healthy

Keeping Our Kids Healthy

Did you know that 1 in 3 children (between the ages of 2 and 19) are overweight or obese in the United States? Very few children actually meet the healthy diet and physical activity recommendations.  Obese and overweight children are far more likely to become obese and overweight adults. It is best to start instilling […]

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A Busy Mama Workout

Hey, I get it.  I’ve had three kids and am well into my thirties. I’m settled into my wonderful adult life, and for the most part, content with my physical appearance…although overall less wrinkles and lumps would be preferable. However, picking at left over chicken-nuggets doesn’t constitute healthy meals, and chasing toddlers somehow doesn’t burn […]

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The Day My Daughter

The Day my Daughter Woke Me Up

I was snuggling with my five-year-old daughter feeling loved and content  when she proceeded to look down, pat my belly innocently saying, “Mama, your belly feels like jello.”  Oh, yes, she did!  I looked down at my sweet little girl knowing she didn’t mean to hurt my feelings.  But wow, did her comment hit me […]

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