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When Life Hits; How These Experiences Have Changed Me

When Life Hits; How These Experiences Have Changed Me

In my early twenties, people would continually ask me “how are you always so positive?” I would frequently hear comments like “you’re always so happy and energetic…I want whatever medicine you’re on!” During the years that I was constantly identified as a bubbly, positive, optimistic, “energizer bunny” individual, I remember a co-worker saying to me […]

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Missing respect

Missing Respect

Every now and then I see the smile. You know the one that you get from another parent when your kid is being good, I mean really good, and having a respectful conversation in public. My son will speak to everyone like they are family. From running up to Police Officers to give them high […]

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Marching With Pride

Planting seeds for a rainbow colored world In our household, my husband and I try to not avoid controversial topics of conversation with our kids. We subscribe to The Post & Courier, and my husband reads the Opinion section religiously. Our 4-year-old daughter is quick with follow-up questions whenever Drew cracks up over an editorial […]

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What’s Not on the Syllabus

The high school years can be a difficult and conflicting time for children, or adults, or whatever they are at that age.  There is an intense desire for independence and responsibility coupled with the lingering desire to be taken care of and told what to do and how to do it.  During these years, a […]

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The It Hit Me: I'm a MOM!

Then It Hit Me: I’m a MOM.

When I heard Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour was headed to the East Coast, I quickly looked up to see how far of a drive we’d be making to see her. Charlotte, NC – only a 3 hour drive. We’re doing it. I’ll have just given birth, but we’re doing it. As much of a TSwift […]

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