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Strategies to Prepare Elementary School Children for Standardized Testing

Strategies to Prepare Elementary School Children for Standardized Testing

As a mom and an educator, I often have test anxiety for students around the Lowcountry. From an educational standpoint, testing is one measure of how state academic standards were taught and how students were able to take this information and apply it to an assessment. There is an important balance of preparing students for […]

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Thank you for bedtime

Thank You For Bedtime

I’m not really sure how we fell into the pattern, but when we are both home and available, my husband and I divvy up the bedtime routines. And somehow, he usually ends up putting the girls {who are five and seven} to bed, while I put “the baby” (who is two) down. I’m sure our […]

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A Bucket List for Moms

When I was in college; single and kid-free; I was an adventurer.  I went away on weekend getaways.  I tried unknown foods at trendy restaurants.  I did study abroads in South Africa.  I was spontaneous.  I showered regularly.  A true daredevil. And now, I’m happily married with three adorable children and a dreamy life in […]

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I Want to be a Bad Mom

I recently went to see the “Bad Moms” movie with a bunch of my other mom friends. Just like any other night out without the kids and with a little wine involved, it was a fantastic evening. The movie was a little crass but absolutely hilarious and hit the pressures of motherhood right on the nose. […]

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