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moms need magnesium

Moms Need Magnesium

Magnesium and moms go together like plants and phosphorous…a little biology (or gardening) analogy. Magnesium is essential for humans, but it is the mineral that we are most commonly deficient in. Are you feeling lethargic, irritable, having vertigo, or muscle/eye twitches? These are all signs that you may be magnesium deficient.   Take a magnesium […]

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Kids + Routines = STRESS!! PART II {what happened when we dropped the routines}

Click here to read part one… Night one: I threw the bedtime curfew out the window!  Something I never thought I would do.  I asked them if they were ready to go to bed, in unison they both replied “NOPE!”  My response,  “Okay, you guys can stay up and play, but I’m going to take a bath.”  Their faces […]

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