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What should a toddler eat?

What Should A Toddler Eat?

Gosh, I never imagined how challenging it would be to figure out what a toddler should eat. In theory, they should eat like any other person; a nice balance of fruit, vegetables, protein, etc. But man, it’s actually quite a struggle!  When babies are little, it’s so simple. It’s either breast milk or formula (or […]

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These Are The Days!

Just like every mom, I have “those days.” The day when I feel like nothing is going right and if you asked my toddler, he’d tell you the same thing, especially since he didn’t get his milk the exact moment he asked for it and putting on his shoes interrupted his playtime. The day when […]

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A Busy Mama Workout

Hey, I get it.  I’ve had three kids and am well into my thirties. I’m settled into my wonderful adult life, and for the most part, content with my physical appearance…although overall less wrinkles and lumps would be preferable. However, picking at left over chicken-nuggets doesn’t constitute healthy meals, and chasing toddlers somehow doesn’t burn […]

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busy bags

How to Organize a Busy Bag Swap

For the last few months, my daughter and I have been participating in a play group through our local Moms Club. This group is specifically for little ones around Abby’s age.  Abby looks forward to playing with her friends each Monday morning and I look forward to conversation with moms who are in a similar stage of […]

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HelpingKids Connect

Helping Kids Connect With Family Far Away

Today, I dropped my mom off at the airport so she could fly back home to Pennsylvania after visiting with us for three weeks. My little one loves her Grammy! Even though she lives so far away, they have a strong bond and I know Abby will miss her now that she’s gone. I’ve lived away from my […]

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