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  • Mom's Guide to April: Family Events in Charleston

Handling Grief After a Loss

There are many of us on the Charleston Moms Blog team who have experienced some type of loss, whether it be from a miscarriage, stillborn, or infant or child loss. And we have been vocal about our losses with the hopes of connecting and finding solace with our readers. It’s truly empowering to be able […]

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cmb is hiring! (1)

Join Our Team! CMB is Hiring for a Sales Coordinator!

Charleston Moms Blog is rapidly growing, and we need YOUR help! We are currently looking for a qualified candidate to fill the following commission based position. Best part of all … hours are flexible, you can work from home, AND you get to meet a bunch of awesome moms who share a passion for our community! […]

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Law of attraction

Living by the Law of Attraction

I believe in the law of attraction in all facets of life, from the trivial to the most important. If you’re not familiar with it, the Law of Attraction is basically the belief that your thoughts will materialize into something “real” in your life in one form or another, and your life is shaped by […]

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I Forgot To Take Care of Me

You’re a mother. You’re always busy. It is natural to become consumed with everything happening in your life. You remember your children’s schedules. You remember your spouse’s schedule. You think about your grocery list, what’s for dinner, managing bills, and other daily essentials.  Everything is so urgently important. It’s easy to get into the habit […]

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I need alone time

I Need Alone Time

The days are full, the list are long, and the responsibilities of being a mom can be daunting. I remember the day so vividly….My husband was out of town for the week, I had several big deadlines at work and my parents were coming in town for the weekend. I had just dropped one kid […]

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Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Every time I check the mail, I feel the anxiety coming. When I look at the phone and see an unknown number. Around the 5th of the month when rent is due… it’s the anxiety of an unknown expense, a bill collector, an increase in a payment. You see we live paycheck to paycheck. We […]

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Celebrating The School Librarian: National Librarian Week

“A librarian makes a reader.” With a simple book suggestion, school librarians create a reading experience. Each April, we take time to celebrate our local hero, the school librarian. School Library Week celebrates the school librarian and the libraries as an approachable, equitable, and full-access learning environment necessary for every student’s well-rounded education. Growing up […]

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