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Fall Consignment Sales {Tips & Tricks}

Fall children’s consignment events are upon us!


Christmas 1st, children’s consignment events 2nd when it comes to my annual excitement.  Okay, that may be an exaggeration but I really do get excited for these things!

I have only been to 2 local events – Charleston Repeats (in Mount Pleasant) and Mount Pleasant Mom to Mom Sale.  The Charleston Repeats event begins on September 16th for volunteers, consignors (ME!), and first time moms/grandmothers.  It is open to the public on September 17th through the 19th.  This sale occurs in the fall and spring and is my JAM!  I haven’t seen a date yet for the Mom to Mom Sale.

Chas Repeats

Charleston Repeats

Kids Exchange of Greater Charleston in North Charleston and Lowcountry Tot Swap in Ladson are two other consignment sales that I have heard of but have not personally checked out.

These events are like Olympic sporting events so you need to be prepared.  Here is my advice…

  1. Go with a plan (lists! lists! lists!), patience (starting with the parking lot), and a full belly.  If you’re pregnant, bring a water bottle.
  2. Go with a friend or meet a friend there.  Just do it.
  3. Look at the map (if provided) upon arrival.  They tend to change the setup often due to continued growth so make sure you’re aware of each section’s location.
  4. Be ready to commit, but do not be impulsive.  It can be VERY overwhelming, but VERY worth it!
  5. Pregnant/first time moms going for the first time…brace yourselves.  Hubby and I went while I was pregnant with our first and I left in tears.  Looking around and thinking you are supposed to need/want one of everything or even know the name of each item was just too much for me and my hormones.  If that happens to you – it’s okay; you are not alone!  I have rocked every one since and so will you 😉
  6. Check into it, but admission and parking are typically FREE or close to it!  Score!
  7. Bring a large, but lightweight bag/tote to put your items in as you shop.  Some people bring laundry baskets pulled by belts or beach carts.  I have never gone that far, but no judgment here.  The aisles are narrow so apologize when you bump into people…we all do it!
  8. Prepare yourself for a longer line than you are willing to admit you’d entertaining waiting in.  You’ll end up dragging your bag on the floor and that is totally fine!  Also, see #2 – go with a friend so that you can celebrate your successes while you wait in that super long line.
  9. Look at the clothes thoroughly and thoughtfully before throwing into your bag.  Don’t grab a bunch of stuff, find a place to park it, look through said stuff, and then haphazardly put unwanted items in random places.  Just don’t.  Volunteers work hard to organize the clothes (and all of the items).  Be respectful, people!
  10. If you are looking for big ticket items like swings, bassinets, strollers, bikes, tables & chairs, etc. – GO THERE FIRST!  I am not, so I will head towards the seasonal sections first.  Halloween costumes and Christmas clothing will be on the top of my agenda because the good stuff goes quickly!  Next, I typically go to shoes, gear, and then toys.  Think Christmas gifts – seriously.
  11. When you spend more than you had anticipated and have to explain it to your hubs when you get home (ahem!), save every single tag to show what you spent and compare how much it would’ve cost brand new!  They’ll start to glaze over by the 4th or 5th item…Promise!
  12. Have fun and take mental notes for next time.  Leave feeling accomplished and frugal BECAUSE YOU ARE!

Tell me I’m not alone in my consignment sale obsession!  Who else is obsessed?

What’s your strategy?  What are you searching for and MUST find?! 

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