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Father’s Day Gifts That Are Thoughtful & Clutter-Free

Father's Day Gifts That Are Thoughtful & Clutter-Free

Father’s Day is just around the corner (Sunday, June 17th to be exact) and we wanted to do the hard work for you when it comes to giving your dad (or husband) the perfect Father’s Day gift. 

Most of the moms here at Charleston Moms Blog are all about the thoughtful, clutter-free gifts. Why would we want to give a gift that WE have to clean up after?! Check out these top five gifts we are sure that the special men in your life will love!

  1. Your undivided attention: Think about it. Your dad hardly gets to see his little girl one-on-one anymore.  He would love to have time with just you for uninterrupted conversation. Call him, make the date, and enjoy your time together. Your husband would also love your undivided attention. Let’s be honest, once we became mothers, our husband’s needs had to be pushed to second (a child can’t take care of itself!). Plan a date with JUST the two of you. You plan it all: the babysitter, the date, time, and picking his favorite place is always a bonus.  Whatever you decide, let him be the focus of the day – make him feel like a king! Need some ideas on where to go? Here are some of the ones YOU told us are your favorites, and here are some that don’t require a babysitter!
  2. A gift he’s really been wanting: You know your husband best, what is something he’s been wanting for a really long time? A new golf club? A guy’s night at the brewery? A new book? Pay attention to those subtle hints and get him the gift he’s been waiting for. This is probably something he actually needs and will actually use. Men tend to be much simpler than we are. If he says he wants it, he probably needs it. Don’t stress yourself by overthinking it. 
  3. Your words: Let’s face it; as moms, we do A LOT, but dad’s do a lot, too. Simply expressing your words to them can be super meaningful. Get your husband a nice card, and write down all the reasons you are thankful for him, no matter how big or small they may be. Everyone wants to feel appreciated. Taking that time, will mean a lot. This is especially true of your own father. Now that I am a mother, I realize just how much my mother and father did for me. I know I personally need to be better about telling them how deeply thankful I am for everything they did for me. Every practice they went to, every place they drove me, every penny they spent on me instead of themselves, and doing the very best they could to give me everything I needed. Expressing that to your own father will be one of the greatest gifts you can ever give him. 
  4. Easy Button (gift cards): Still can’t decide on what to get him? Gift cards are always a safe bet. Try to make it specific to him. Does he spend a lot of time in the car? How about a gift card to a local car wash, or an Audible subscription? Does he love to eat out? Go to the movies? Get the gift card, and be done!
  5. For your husband only: When in doubt, some extra TLC – if you know what I mean. The one thing that my husband wants more than anything else is a little extra tender, lovin’ care. You can never go wrong here (wink, wink).

When giving a gift to anyone, think about their love language, not yours. What is it that makes them feel the most loved? If you can answer that question, your husband/father will feel deeply loved and appreciated  on his special day (all while being clutter-free)!

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