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Honoring My Dad

When does that shift happen from blaming our parents to honoring them?

For me, this shift happened in my 30’s. I stopped blaming my dad for my own faults and looked at him closely and realized that much of my goodness comes from my father. My dad taught me how to find happiness no matter what challenges I was facing in life. He taught me the importance of always being the kindest person in the room. And to be kind to everyone – to servers, to the baker, to the grocery store clerk, and to never expect anything in return for your kindness. My dad will spend extra time performing selfless acts for anyone, whether it is opening the door, or getting a grocery cart ready for a stranger. He truly goes above and beyond to make someone feel special.  

He taught me to always take the extra few minutes to make friends with a stranger.

He taught me to smile through the pain and to find good in every negative situation. My dad taught me how to be strong when I felt like everything was collapsing around me. He taught me how to be strong in my own faith, and to live in the word of God. He taught me that by living in my faith, that I would inspire more people than if I preached at them.  

My dad taught me about persistence and to always follow the dream that I was the most passionate about. If my dad was passionate about fly fishing, then he dedicated himself to learning all about it and living the life. He did the same with snowboarding, boats, medicine, cars, and much more.  He can engage in conversation with anyone about anything because of this passion.  

My dad taught me how to drive (which is probably a terrifying thought for anyone who has ridden with my father). He also gave the courage to be fearless…which probably helped my driving experience with him! He taught me the importance of being prompt and to always follow through with my commitments (I am still perfecting this!) One of the most important lessons my dad taught me was the value of hard work mixed with passion. He also taught me to rest, find a day to throw in the towel and just unwind.  

Dad’s make forever impressions onto girls’ hearts. Their actions and words are what last with us as women. They create the path for a girl’s drive and a woman’s initiative.

To all dads: 

Do not just be the man that you want your daughter to marry, be the man that you want your daughter to grow up to be. Give them the opportunities, the surroundings, the schooling, and the skills to be more successful than you.  

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