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Breast Health

When I think of breast cancer I feel mixed emotions, it is a combination of anger, frustration, sadness, and the desire to help others heal. I have had family members and friends who have battled with breast cancer. It has taken too many lives and shaken up too many worlds. There is a lot of […]

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No More Candy for Dinner!

The other day my son very seriously told me that he was afraid none of his friends would want to sleep over because our food was too healthy.  I seriously almost laughed at him, but then I remembered that at 11 years old this was a legitimate concern.  He was expressing his feelings to me, […]

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time out mom

Time Out, Mom!

I am part of several “mom” groups on facebook and the consistent theme I keep hearing is how exhausted everyone is. Between playgroups, toilet training, carpool, making breakfast, lunch, dinner, cleaning, nursing, keeping teenagers alive, volunteering, working…(do I really need to continue this list) we assume our exhaustion is normal. I mean, who wouldn’t feel […]

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