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Pen pal 2

Sincerely, Your Pen Pal

I  feel like my calendar is going crazy sometimes between ballet, soccer, lyrical, art club, and running club…and that’s just for my two kids. Once you add in my husband’s travel schedule and the few things that I need to do, I feel like the only time we communicate is on a screen. However, there […]

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Free or cheap ways to get fit

Free (or Cheap) Ways to Get Fit!

Moving to the Charleston area a few years ago was eye opening. The area is beautiful, the weather is fantastic, and there are sidewalks pretty much everywhere! I, a certified bookworm, have never really been physically fit. I’ve tried the gym, the trainer, the food prep. Honestly, I am done with spending so much money […]

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My Story of Self-Publishing

My Story of Self-Publishing

All of my life I have been a lover of words. I love spoken, sung, written or recited. Words can build up or tear down, be beautiful or ugly. Words convey emotion, action and description and I  can’t get enough of them. When I was young, I would ask so many questions. Everything from how […]

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new year new dream

New Year, New Dreams

Hello! And welcome to 2018! It’s a new year to learn, grow, and be amazing! Last year I blogged about resolving not to have resolutions, but instead have goals and make a plan to accomplish them. I set forth several goals and as much as I would love to tell you that I have accomplished […]

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Steps for dealing with disappointment

Steps for Dealing with Disappointment

I was listening to the radio the other day and the hosts were talking about what they wished they could still get away with as adults that they could as kids. One host responded that he wished he could still get away with throwing temper tantrums. And really, don’t we all? I mean, who hasn’t […]

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Missing respect

Missing Respect

Every now and then I see the smile. You know the one that you get from another parent when your kid is being good, I mean really good, and having a respectful conversation in public. My son will speak to everyone like they are family. From running up to Police Officers to give them high […]

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How to Take on Life

How to Take on Life

Listen, we have all done it. I mean, we are all moms here, right? You look at that fancy mom, you know the one…hair fixed, makeup on, perfectly dressed children who would never dare to spit up on her, and she looks like she has it all under control and we think to ourselves, “How […]

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