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Canoe Launch Trail head

Happy Trails; Tips for a Successful Journey Into Nature With Kids

Nature and an unpredictable toddler can blaze a trail of impending doom, but that bold leaping, hopping, skipping running stroll into the forest is worth it. There is learning around every corner. There are endless sights, colors and opportunity for exploration. A hike through a child’s eyes makes every leaf, pine cone and squirrel much […]

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Hold Them in Your Tiny Hand, Then Let Them Go Again!

During nature classes we seek adventure and spend some time examining what we happen to come upon that day. Our group of giddy, silly, inquisitive toddlers explore outside together and encounter a variety of life along the way.  While curiosity leads these tiny pioneers to run wild and free, it also presents a lesson of […]

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Heart Warriors Walk It Out

Heart Warriors Walk it Out

When asked the best part about being a heart warrior,  Abby Mac, now three years old, responded “I get to wear my cape.  Heart Warrior is what people call me when I go to Wando.” Abby Mac likes to walk the one mile course at the Lowcountry Heart Walk and hopefully build up to running […]

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A Remix of the Original Me

In Virginia, a place that I used to call home, schools always began after Labor Day. The weather was getting cooler, tryouts for extracurricular activities were starting, and we were back at one of our favorite places, school. My friends and I loved school. For some reason, schoolwork never seemed very challenging, but it also wasn’t […]

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Rosemary’s Smile

A huge smile beamed across the room of our Babygarten library circle, and a gentle soul with blond hair looked up at me.  My friend Danielle introduced me to Rosemary, commenting that “she always has the best smile.”  She was right.  It was one of the brightest smiles that I had ever seen.  When she […]

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Making Memories-2

Making Memories in the Lowcountry

Whether you are a flip-flop mom changing sandy diapers or a Charleston Momma shopping on King, entertaining visitors with different agendas is exciting but exhausting. If you are a free-spirit soaking up the salty, natural surrounding or a veteran host looking for new savory dishes and cocktails, there might be a new addition to your […]

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Leave a Trail

 “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”–Emerson Glaring at Transcendentalist images of a wooded landscape and cabin surrounded by tiny printed words made me wish I could beam myself out of a stuffy high school desk and onto the beach. Little did I […]

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HotRide Bling

**Note:  Press play to hear the audio while reading this post.  It will make sense by the end, promise.  Drake. “Hotline Bling.” By Aubrey Graham, Paul Jeffries, and Timmy Thomas. Hotline Bling. Cash Money, 2015. Eighty-five degrees or forty-five degrees, popsicle or Hot Pocket, my daughter Macey and I are out the door. We have […]

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The Golden Board

The Golden Board Book Awards

What could be more productive than watching Hollywood stars sparkle in the glitz and glam of the red carpet extravaganza? Anything! One might think the mom of a crazy toddler would be more selective. Yet time and time again, I still watch for the snazzy, scandalous dresses, heartfelt speeches, wildly inappropriate cracks, all with a […]

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