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Hello, Menstrual Cycle

Hello Menstrual Cycle

I know this may sound weird, but I get excited whenever my menstrual cycle starts. Now before you give me the side eye, I know what you’re thinking. Why on earth am I excited for oily skin, mood swings, bloating, fatigue, and all the greatness that comes with menstrual cramps? Well, let me explain.  I found […]

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I Forgot To Take Care of Me

You’re a mother. You’re always busy. It is natural to become consumed with everything happening in your life. You remember your children’s schedules. You remember your spouse’s schedule. You think about your grocery list, what’s for dinner, managing bills, and other daily essentials.  Everything is so urgently important. It’s easy to get into the habit […]

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I Get It Now

I Get It Now That I’m a Mom

Five years ago, before becoming a mother, my closest friend called me at 2 AM with a quiver in her voice to say, “It’s positive.” She’d be having her first baby. I was happy for her. I was beyond excited. Despite her nervousness, I knew she’d be an amazing mother. I remember trying to reassure […]

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That Time I Cried in Target

That Time I Cried In Target

Before becoming a mother, I couldn’t quite understand why most women struggled with accepting their postpartum bodies. It baffled me the amounts of pressure placed on women to “snap back” after giving birth. My thoughts were, “You just carried around a watermelon for nine months. Who cares?” But now that I am a mother, I […]

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How To Handle Mommy Brain

How To Handle Mommy Brain

I once credited myself for being very organized and good at remembering things. It was seldom that I forgot a task, or something slipped through the cracks. But if I can be completely honest, I find that I struggle with maintaining that great memory, or being organized now that I am a mother. Or as […]

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