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World gratitude day

Simple Ways to Celebrate World Gratitude Day

World Gratitude Day is September 21st. Wow. WORLD Gratitude Day. The idea that the whole world shares a day to celebrate all the amazing parts of life is pretty awesome. Merriam-Webster defines gratitude as being grateful or thankful. They define being grateful as "appreciative of benefits received" and "affording pleasure or contentment: pleasing." Whether it's [...]
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Soul Sisters!

Is there anything better than having a soul sister? I don’t think much can top it! My best friend is definitely more like a sister to me. Her mom watched me from the time I was six-weeks-old, and then two years later my friend was born.  Over the years we went through all the things […]

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Law of attraction

Living by the Law of Attraction

I believe in the law of attraction in all facets of life, from the trivial to the most important. If you’re not familiar with it, the Law of Attraction is basically the belief that your thoughts will materialize into something “real” in your life in one form or another, and your life is shaped by […]

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Give Yourself a Break

Do you feel like you’re hopping from one thing to the next, and somehow hopping one second too late? I think we’ve all been there, and let’s be honest, it stinks! It’s so frustrating to feel like you’re a step behind again and again, but you know what? It’s going to be okay! You need […]

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Who are you

Who Are You?

Who are you? That can be a tough question, right?! It’s complicated by the fact that the answer changes over time. I know my answer has changed over the years, and I’m sure it will continue to change in the coming years.  When I was in elementary school, I wanted to be a teacher because […]

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What should a toddler eat?

What Should A Toddler Eat?

Gosh, I never imagined how challenging it would be to figure out what a toddler should eat. In theory, they should eat like any other person; a nice balance of fruit, vegetables, protein, etc. But man, it’s actually quite a struggle!  When babies are little, it’s so simple. It’s either breast milk or formula (or […]

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