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Helping Kids Connect With Family Far Away

Today, I dropped my mom off at the airport so she could fly back home to Pennsylvania after visiting with us for three weeks. My little one loves her Grammy! Even though she lives so far away, they have a strong bond and I know Abby will miss her now that she’s gone. I’ve lived away from my family since 2009. Over the years I’ve had to miss out on weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and other big life events in the lives of my friends and family. Being far away became even harder when my daughter was born.


My mom and sister were able to stay with us at the time of Abby’s birth. It was so wonderful to have them there for the first few days of her life. Once they left I realized just how alone I was. My family, friends, and everyone I wanted her to meet and love were hours away! From the very beginning of her life, it’s been important to me that she knows her family. These are some ways we’ve been able help Abby get to know her family from afar.

  • Facetime What would we do without technology? From a very early age, we began facetiming regularly with my mom and sisters, sometimes every day. As Abby’s gotten older, it’s been fun to watch her interact with them more and more. She will show them her toys, show off her new tricks, and give them kisses through the screen. They have been able to watch her grow from far away. It’s amazing the number of new things, songs, and dances she’s learned from her aunts and Grammy through FaceTime! facetime
  • Pictures Like most moms, I have hundreds of photos and videos of Abby on my phone! {It’s so bad that I keep getting a message that I am almost out of storage} My sisters, mom and I have a group message that we text in every day and send pictures and videos through. They can take a peek into Abby’s day to day life and stay up to date on all her new adventures.
  • Care Packages My mom usually sends a small care package for Abby every month or so. Sometimes they are themed for a holiday, sometimes she sends them just because. It’s fun for Abby to open up the boxes and check out her new goodies from Grammy.
  • Talk about them We talk about her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all the time. We add their names to silly songs and show her photos of them so she will recognize their names and faces.
  • Visits When the stars aline and schedules allow it, we try to plan visits! My mom is a teacher and stays with us for a few weeks every summer during her break. When my husband was deployed Abby and I went to Pennsylvania for almost two months. There really isn’t anything better than real, in person quality time and it’s so worth the plane rides and hours spent in the airport with a baby to be able to see Abby bond with her family!
fun at grammys

Fun at Grammy’s.

 Even though we miss our family and wish they were here to see Abby grow up, these little tricks have helped the distance seem a little smaller In the meantime, we’ll keep trying to convince all of our friends and family to move into our cul-de-sac.

How do you help your child/children bond with family from the distance?

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