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What New Moms Want Most

what new moms want

face mask
 / tea / Rosebud salve / robe / Fridet / hot/cold pack / Bkr water bottle / basket + snacks

My first baby is only four-months-old, and in that time (plus that difficult last trimester) I’ve realized that I am passionate about supporting other mamas. Motherhood is a beautifully challenging journey, and we need to PAMPER ALL THE MAMAS! Baby is not going to go without plenty of attention, so if you have a friend with a mini on the way, make her first weeks home with baby extra special with some mama-centric gifts.

Movies at Home
Everyone has a Netflix subscription by now – right?! If new mama doesn’t – get her one – but hopefully she is already a veteran bingewatcher. She’ll still need some extra entertainment though. Several options are available for gifting movies which is an awesome way to relax! You can purchase pre-selected movies through Vudu that she can watch on her smart tv or laptop, an Amazon gift card can be used on Amazon Instant Video, or an iTunes gift card for movies on Apple devices. Whether she needs to laugh or cry – she’ll appreciate that your gift wasn’t another onesie that she is now using as a tissue.

Speaking of that much needed gift above – her brain isn’t going to be firing on all cylinders, so help her by making some choices! Give her a show and movie watchlist so she doesn’t waste any time trying to actually…think!

So. Much. Water. It seems silly, but when I was two hours deep into a nursing session and dying of thirst, I would have paid $1,000 for a glass of water. Whether she is nursing or bottle-feeding, she needs to stay hydrated. Load mama up with a cute basket filled to the TOP with water bottles and put it next to her rocker. Go an extra step and buy her a cute water bottle tied to the handle for when she’s a real person again and can get her own water.

Snack Basket
Actually, just go the extra mile and fill a basket with waters, healthy snacks, and electrolyte tablets. Make it a big basket.

A matching robe set goes a long way in feeling more put together when you have a new baby, and she likely forgot to buy herself presents while prepping for the mini. You could also include slippers.

Beauty Basics
There are few things that just make girls feel good. Mama won’t have a ton of time for her normal beauty routine (for maybe 10 more years?) But a few things that only take seconds or minutes will go a long way. I happened to catch a few minutes to do a face mask, and I felt like a new person. I also had to have chapstick on hand at all times because, dehydration.

Take-Out Gift Card
Take more guess work out of mama’s life and buy her a few meals via a gift card to a few local places that have great take-out. It will be a life-saver!

Post-Partum Self Care
It’s hard to buy self-care items for someone else (does she need lanonlin-free nipple cream? Or extra lanolin?!), but a few things are pretty easy, especially if you know she is breastfeeding. Heat packs can help immensely with engorgement and the Frida Baby Fridet helps to soothe and heal and works better than the hospital version.

Cleaning Service
Tried and true option. Pay for a cleaning session and give mama the contact details to schedule. A clean house with a new baby will make her feel amazing! Communicate to mama and the maid to avoid one room of her choice so she can lounge with baby and doesn’t feel uncomfortable with the cleaning crew there.

Online Grocery Shopping Fee
Local ladies – Harris Teeter has a great online shopping program with curbside pickup. If you are close with mama and want to wow her – pay the $99 annual fee for this service, and she can have her groceries brought to her car – no minimum!

All of these seem obvious, and yet they are rarely given! That adorable baby outfit might be more fun, but new mama will love you just a little bit more for food, water, and entertainment! And if you happen to be grandma or a super close friend, offer to stay over for a while and be her gopher. The extra time she’ll spend with baby instead of trying to make her lunch is a priceless gift she will never forget.

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