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Soul Sisters!

Is there anything better than having a soul sister? I don’t think much can top it! My best friend is definitely more like a sister to me. Her mom watched me from the time I was six-weeks-old, and then two years later my friend was born.  Over the years we went through all the things […]

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Pen pal 2

Sincerely, Your Pen Pal

I  feel like my calendar is going crazy sometimes between ballet, soccer, lyrical, art club, and running club…and that’s just for my two kids. Once you add in my husband’s travel schedule and the few things that I need to do, I feel like the only time we communicate is on a screen. However, there […]

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Moms to see in the 843 laura allen 2

Moms To See in the 843: Laura Allen and a Guide to Healthy Eating

Moms To See in the 843 is a new series that highlights local moms who are making a difference in our community or in business. Want to tell us about an inspiring mom who is doing something great? Tag us on social media @ChsMomsBlog with the hashtag #Momstoseeinthe843 Providing healthy snacks and meals to my family […]

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Aspiring minimalist mama

An Aspiring Minimalist Mama

My house is empty. My kids rooms have the basics. My closets are only half full. The kids playroom has plenty of toys, but most of them are in baskets and can quickly be put away in cabinets that have doors that can be closed to the chaos. I’m not trying to hide the fact […]

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