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Reasons Moms Love Costco!

Last month, thousands of moms flocked to Costco warehouses across the country for Costco Mom Hour. Costco open their doors at 9am, instead of their usual 10am, just so moms could have the chance to shop without any crowds. At our Costco here in Charleston, local moms starting lining up 30 minutes before the doors opened. […]

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busy bags

How to Organize a Busy Bag Swap

For the last few months, my daughter and I have been participating in a play group through our local Moms Club. This group is specifically for little ones around Abby’s age.  Abby looks forward to playing with her friends each Monday morning and I look forward to conversation with moms who are in a similar stage of […]

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Gift Giving Traditions

Six Holiday Gift-Giving Traditions

This will by my family’s first Christmas as a party of three, and I’ve been asked several times in the last few weeks what my husband and I are planning to get our nine and a half month old daughter.  I was caught off-guard the first time I was asked this, thinking, “Ummm…food, shelter, clothing?” […]

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The Twelve Days

The Twelve Days of Stress-Free Christmas

Warning: This is written with much humor and a little sarcasm…enjoy! I don’t know about you, but sometimes the days leading up to Christmas can feel stressful and busy.  Wouldn’t it be fun to let it all roll off your shoulders and not worry so much?  That is exactly what I plan on doing this […]

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Move the Elf!

Does your family Elf? I can remember thinking back before we received our Elf, Melody Elfkins, a few years back, “Geez, that’s all nice for people to do with their kids, but honestly, I just do not have time for all that, especially around the holidays!” Well, guess what?! We jumped on the bandwagon! My […]

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Nap Trap

The Nap Trap

Before the arrival of my daughter, I imagined myself as being the type of parent who would still get out of the house and do what I want, when I want, because my child would learn to adapt to my lifestyle.  While I certainly knew my life would change with a child, I assumed that […]

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Join Our Team as a Sales Coordinator

Running this little blog of ours is quite a bit of work, and we are looking for someone to join our staff! Interested in joining our team as a Sales Coordinator? Here’s what you need to know: This person will be responsible for managing all incoming advertising inquiries as well as building relationships with new local […]

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Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf for the Average Mom

Meet our elf on the shelf, Ralph.  He arrives sometime during the Thanksgiving holidays…usually by somehow magically reaching the doorbell and arriving on our doorstep. Now, I stalk Pinterest as much as the rest of you SuperMoms do….and I’d love to be “that” mom.  You know, “that” mom that Santa deemed worthy of sending a “SuperElf.” […]

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