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2016 Summer Bucket List

I don’t know about your Pinterest Feed, but mine has been stocked with summer activities for the Pinterest Perfect Mom lately.  You know, designer BBQ parties for whole neighborhoods {just thrown together, of course}, perfectly constructed lemonade stands, and science-experiment worthy concoctions.

And although I may not be crafty/organized/energetic enough to pull any of those things off, there is no reason we can’t have some summertime goals!  A bucket list, perhaps?  So, one rainy afternoon, the kids and I sat down and made a list of all the things we thought we might want to do this summer.  I also consulted these sites for some additional ideas:

Charleston Moms Blog
The Happy Family Movement
U-Create Crafts
Creative Family Fun

Summer Bucket List Ideas from PalmettosandPigtails.comDon’t get me wrong, I don’t expect to check off everything on this list, but it’s a start, at least.  And frankly, I just needed a rainy-day activity to do with my cranky and {already!} bored little ones.  Brainstorming fun summer activities was just the ticket!  Here’s the list we came up with:
  • go to the waterpark
  • have a BBQ with friends
  • go to the pool
  • go on a bike ride
  • play hopscotch
  • go to a baseball game
  • go to the beach
  • make glow in the dark bubbles
  • visit a farm
  • pick blueberries
  • make homemade freezie pops
  • ride a horse
  • play soccer
  • have a hula hoop contest
  • build a fort
  • see a play
  • learn to tie shoes
  • see a movie in the theater
  • make salsa from our garden veggies
  • eat popsicles in our underwear
  • read 100 books
  • go tubing
  • catch a fish
  • go camping
  • read Charlotte’s Web
  • have a lemonade stand
  • go on a bug scavenger hunt
  • play in the sprinklers
  • go to the lake
  • take a bubble bath
  • go to the zoo

What would you add to the bucket list?  If you need an idea on how to display your bucket list, check out my tutorial on how to make a magnetic puzzle bucket list.

Palmettos and Pigtails

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