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Never Have I Ever (Moms Edition)

Let’s pretend for a minute that I’m a mom who really plans ahead. That I not only meal plan on the fancy dry erase board I made from Pinterest, but that I actually make the meals I write down. That I do crafts daily with my kids. And that all my laundry is folded.


That’s nice isn’t it? Flash forward to reality, which is that I do have a meal plan board (from the dollar section of target) and dinner is written on it, but at least two (or three or four) nights we have something different. I do hang the crafts my kids make at school, but our “crafts” are the magic coloring books that the markers can only write on that paper. I not only don’t have all my laundry folded, but sometimes (like right now) there are both clean and dirty baskets. In honor of all you moms who need to celebrate just getting to the end of the day, here’s the Mom Never Have I Ever challenge. Give yourself one point for every one you have done! 

Never Have I Ever….

1. Fed my kids cereal for a meal other than breakfast.

2. Listened to “Daddy Finger” on YouTube in a different accent/language.

3. Wondered where PJ Masks parents are. 

4. Pretented it was later than it was and sent the kids to bed.

5. Ordered pizza because it seemed easier than doing dishes. 

6. Told my children they could watch TV so i could lay down (I won’t even say sleep, because we know you didn’t).

7. Forgotten the last time I washed my child’s hair… like with actual soap, not just a rinse. 

8. Let my child have a full fledged tantrum in public and didn’t care one iota who saw us.

9. Successfully bribed my child to stop having a tantrum in public. 

10. Justified not cleaning anything because they are just going to mess it up in five seconds anyway. 

11. Hid while eating a snack, or eaten a snack I packed for my children. 

12. Heard of Blippi (you really should get extra points for this).

13. Used, let’s call them unkind, words while my husband is “pooping”. Extra point for sending your kids to hunt them down in the bathroom. 

14. Looked forward to watching shows with rich housewives from various cities rather than be social.

15. Weighed the pro and cons of watching Moana, Frozen, and Trolls for the third time in a day. 

16. Delayed changing a poopy diaper for a reason you can totally justify.

17. Stayed in a shirt that has throw up, spit up, or other bodily fluids on it.

18. Used more than two curse words in the carline while picking my kids up from school. 

19. Looked at my clothing Pinterest board with a sad realization that my Pinterest self is much more put together than my real self.

20. Thrown out a sippy cup rather than clean out the congealed milk out of it. 

So, how many points did you get? Because I have all twenty. Please tell me I’m not alone! 

Never Have I Ever (Moms Edition)

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