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DIY Burlap Wreath

With the kids finally settled back in school, Fall is suddenly here.  And if there is one perfect Fall fabric, it’s burlap.  I love how versatile it is: being used for pillow cases, table runners and wreaths.  It’s rustic feel and earthy smell just scream Fall.  So I headed to Hobby Lobby and bought some supplies to make a new DIY burlap wreath for my front door.  The whole thing cost me $12, and was so easy to make that Jayna {my 7 year old} made a second one for my grandma!DIY Burlap Wreath to start Fall on the right foot!What You’ll Need:

a wire wreath form
several rolls of burlap
a roll of colored burlap for the bow
a wooden letter
white paint
floral wire
DIY Burlap Wreath to start Fall on the right foot!You’ll notice that there are 4 wires in the frame, separating the frame into three different sections.  I’m going to call the sections “inner,” “middle,” and “outer.”  Start in the “inner” section and tie a knot in the burlap around the innermost wire…it will be hidden, so it’s ok if it’s messy.DIY Burlap Wreath to start Fall on the right foot!Then, you will push a little of the burlap {the part right next to the knot} through the “inner” section, creating kind of a loop….don’t pull it all the way through.DIY Burlap Wreath to start Fall on the right foot!Holding the loop in place, take a hold of the long piece of burlap and twist it up against the wire, securing the first loop in place.  Then, push a second loop through the “middle” section, and twist.  Continue with a third loop through the “outer” section, and twist.  The fourth loop will be through the “middle” section again.  Keep alternating the loops through the different sections and twisting once in between each loop.  You’ll quickly see how easy it is, and how you can kind of manipulate the loops and twists to create your wreath.DIY Burlap Wreath to start Fall on the right foot!If you run out of burlap…get another roll, tie it off and start again.  The back will be a bit messy, but it won’t show.  When you’ve made it all the way around, lace the end of the rest of the burlap around the wire a couple of times to secure it.  Then, twist the tail and loop it back around and tuck it back through the wire.  Make sure your loop is big enough to hang on a hook or a door hanger.DIY Burlap Wreath to start Fall on the right foot!I tied it to the wire, and then just tucked the leftover burlap throughout the back of the wreath, weaving it through the wire as needed.DIY Burlap Wreath to start Fall on the right foot!The next steps are easy.  Just paint your wooden letter, and wrap floral wire around a couple of parts of it.  Leave the wire long enough that you will be able to wrap it around the wreath, creating a temporary decoration for your wreath.  Then you can switch it out for different seasons and occasions. I used green floral wire, so I just painted over it with my white paint.DIY Burlap Wreath to start Fall on the right foot!For the bow, use your colored burlap and drape about 2 feet over your arm {1}.  Grab a hold of it wherever you want your knot to be {2}.  Pull the back tail of the fabric over your fist and wrist {3}.  Turn your hand to the side, and bring the back piece of fabric {the one you draped over your wrist} under your hand and tuck it through the piece of fabric covering your wrist {4}, creating your second loop.  Pull it through the knot enough that you can easily slide your hand out of the knot {5}.  Then  work the fabric to make the loops the same size, and to make your knot how you’d like it to look {6}.Step by Step Tutorial on how to make your own DIY Burlap Wreath and BowWeave another piece of floral wire through the back of your bow and secure it to your wreath.  Then you can make other bows in other colors to change up the look of your wreath.DIY Burlap Wreath to start Fall on the right foot!I love how the “R” pops against the color of the wreath and the door!  And I’m thinking about changing out the ribbon for some colorful ornaments at Christmas, some silk flowers in the spring, sticking in a couple of small American flags for the 4th of July, etc.DIY Burlap Wreath to start Fall on the right foot!The perfect DIY Burlap Wreath to start off Fall!
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