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Bringing a Toddler to the Charleston Home + Design Show

As a family of three and in the process of building a home, it feels like recently we have had to make a million and one decisions.  

Today’s decision was whether or not to bring our 2 1/2 year old toddler to the Charleston Home + Design show. Once we decided on yes, it was time for some research and prep time before attending the event. I easily located the website for the event and checked hours, vendors, and cost. Once the time and location were set, then the fun of packing a backpack full of distractions came. Packing begins with food and drink and specifically snacks that can easily be eaten on the road and in different vendor booths. Once packing the food is complete, we move to the toy selection. Our little needs toys that roll and move and are small and portable. A quick potty break and we are set to make the road trip.

Bringing a Toddler to the Charleston Home + Design Show

Off to the show

Along with all of our little one’s “supplies” that we packed, we also had a list of the top three or four items that we still needed to complete for our new home build.  On our list were security systems, landscape planning, solar panels, and pool ideas.  When attending big events such as the Charleston Home + Design show, it is best to divide and conquer.  

First things first, we went early on a Sunday morning, a time and day when the event was not as likely to be busy. The location and address were checked and driving directions were clear. Having a clear driving plan is important as to not waste time in the car. Time is precious and I needed our little to be attentive and happy. In the car we prepped him on where we were going, as well as behavior expectations at the Home + Design show.  

 Once inside the Home + Design show, we created a plan using the event map.  Holding hands with our toddler, we headed off to our points of interest, starting with two major security system booths. We had our questions ready, such as finding out the installation cost, the price per month, and if there was annual contract? I was holding our toddler’s hand while my husband asked all the questions and took notes using our program guide.  

Bringing a Toddler to the Charleston Home + Design ShowNext, we moved on to landscape planning. We found two or three booths, gathered business cards, and asked questions. I had packed a few toy trucks for our little to play with on the floor, which bought us a few more minutes with vendors. Last, we conquered solar panel and pool companies while balancing a hungry toddler and recommendations.  So with snacks in hand, I passed them along to our little and continued with the adult conversation.  

At times it was hard to focus during the Home + Design show with an active toddler pulling on my hand. We pushed through, however, and stuck to our four needed design items while taking turns entertaining the toddler. All in all, we spent a total of 60 minutes at the Charleston Home + Design show. During this time, we went through two snack packs, played with four trucks, four pieces of candy,  had one minor meltdown, but we found success through making our much needed design choices for our new home.

Find more information on the Charleston Home +Design show here

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