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Top Reasons Moms Love Costco {Costco Mom Hour Registration + Exclusive Membership Deal!}

{Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Costco but all opinions are our own. We would not promote something we didn’t believe to be true.}

Costco Mom HourMy husband and I love saving money on food by shopping at Costco. Buying some food in bulk is one of the smartest moves I can make as a savvy homemaker for our food budget as a family. Costco has always been a go-to option for us to get the most for our money while still eating great food and always having essentials on hand. Here are some of my Top Reasons Moms Love Costco:

Costco literally has everything!

Costco has everything you need to stock up on essentials for your kitchen and home as well as many other “extras” like appliances, toys, clothing, tools, books, and a wide variety of other items. Some deals can be great, some fair, and others not worth it so definitely research and keep your eyes open on the deals you’re interested in. Costco is also great for gift shopping I have found as well…they get some great deals on gift cards and on toys and books for the kiddos!

Kirkland Signature Brand

Kirkland Signature Brand is Costco’s store brand and in my experience is an always cheaper option then major name brand items available. The quality is the same if not better on everything we’ve tried as a family. It’s so nice for a big warehouse store to offer a less expensive store brand option; we always take advantage of it!

Meal Prepping Made Easy

If you’re meal prepping for the month and know you need a good amount of produce, meats, and other essentials then buying those foods in bulk will make planning for the upcoming weeks relatively easy (pro tip: freeze the excess you may not use).

Organic Options

Costco surprisingly has a wide variety of organic options that are competitively priced with many non-organic deals my family really enjoys so it makes choosing the organic option easier.

Free Samples

Whether I’m shopping alone or with toddler and husband in tow, the free samples are a lifesaver. The sample carts are great when a much needed snack or mid-shopping pick me up is needed and it also provides opportunities for kids to try new things they may not have tried otherwise. We have found some great tasty treats by trying the samples!

Costco Mom HourSome of my Favorite Costco Buys::




Laundry Detergent



Frozen Veggies


What are your must-haves from Costco??

Costco Mom Hour

Costco Mom Hour

Join us on November 4 to experience all the perks of shopping at Costco. 

Who :: Charleston Area Moms {dads and kids are welcome too!}

When :: Friday, November 4 – 9:00-10:00 a.m.

Where :: Costco, 3050 Ashley Town Center, Charleston, SC

Perks :: Swag bags for the first 100 people in line.  Three giveaways -2 winners will receive a $100 Costco cash card and a third winner will receive a year-supply of Tide pods (worth $60). An  AMAZING membership deal if you are a new member and samples throughout the store.

Why :: This national event is in partnership with City Moms Blog Network. Over 90 Cotsco stores across the country are opening up an hour early JUST for City Moms Blog sites and their readers. This is your chance to shop for an hour without the crowd. If you are NOT a member yet- you can take advantage of their amazing membership offer. We encourage you to redeem the membership offer prior to Nov. 4 to save time and have more time to shop. The membership offer will be available during the Costco Mom Hour at the two locations (Towne Center and Mall of Georgia). Whether you can make it to the Costco Mom Hour, or not- ANYONE (who isn’t a Costco member) can take advantage of the amazing membership deal!

Note :: you MUST be a member in order to make a purchase, but you can browse for free either way!

Cost :: Free 

RSVP :: Join our Facebook group for updated information and register below {you must register to attend}. ALL are invited – but ONLY members can make purchases. If you are taking advantage of the membership offer, we encourage you to visit the store prior to the event to redeem your membership and take full-advantage of the shopping time on Nov. 4!

New Membership Details :: Receive a $20 Costco Cash Card with Gold Star Membership and $43 worth of coupons (will be mailed). When you redeem membership at the Costco warehouse, you will have the option of upgrading to the Executive Membership and would receive a SECOND $20 Costco Cash Card. 

We invite you to share this opportunity with all the moms out there- especially the ones that aren’t members so they can take advantage of this amazing membership deal!

Questions? Check out our Costco Mom Hour Event Page and ask away!

Costco Mom Hour

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