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4 Audiobooks to Share with Your Daughters

Even before I learned how to read, I loved stories. My mom had a magical way of sharing stories. If asked, she would say her love of stories came from being read to by her grandma, a retired school teacher, who would do all the different book character voices.

Now that I’m an adult, I still feel there is something enchanting about listening to a book. Fortunately, so do a lot of other people! Audio book apps like Audible are popular, and many libraries offer digital loans (I love using what Berkeley County Library has to offer). 

My daughter is not yet one, but I hope to pass down my love of stories to her, like my mom did for me. The following are books that girls (and moms of all ages) will enjoy! And although reading aloud gives the same effect, I especially love the performances given through the Audiobook. They’re defintely worth the listen!

4 Audiobooks to Share with Your Daughters

The Goose Girl By Shannon Hale, Narrated by Cynthia Bishop with full cast audio narration 

I love Shannon Hale’s stories! She takes timeless tales and give them a fresh take. Goose Girl is the typical fairy tale of a peasant girl finding her destiny to royalty, but it has plenty of twists and turns! Just when you think the story is wrapping up, there’s another plot change. And the best part? The Audiobook version is a full cast narrative. Meaning, when the main character goes outside, so do your ears! You can hear the birds singing in the trees, and each character has his or her own voice. Any young girl will love to listen to this story; however, the target audience may be 8 – 12 year-olds.


4 Audiobooks to Share with Your Daughters


The Maddie Diaries: A Memoir By Maddie Ziegler, Narrated by the author

I first saw Maddie Ziegler on the TV show Dance Moms. While I thought the drama of the show was annoying, I sure enjoyed watching Maddie and her peers dance! Even if you and your daughters have never seen the show, you will enjoy this book (especially your preteen girls). Maddie gives advice on all things girl: make-up, fashion, friends . . . .But what I love is how she talks about her journey and the hard work and sacrifices that have put her where she is today, something that was not always communicated through the show. 


4 Audiobooks to Share with Your Daughters

An Owl on Every Post By Sanora Babb, Narrated by Alyssa Bresnahan

There’s something alluring about the simplistic, hard-working life of American settlers. Pioneer stories, like Laura Ingalls Wilder’s, always resonated with me when I was a child. Sanora Babb’s book fits right into this category. It is about her childhood in the wilds of Colorado. Although there is a dramatic scene where a baby is stillborn, I think older, mature girls will really enjoy this story.




4 Audiobooks to Share with Your Daughters

Letter to my Daughter By Maya Angelou, Narrated by the author

  1. The way Maya Angelou weaves her words into stories is wonderful enough, but add in her rich voice, and it makes for a delightful listen as she brings her experiences to life. I loved listening to her tales, especially her story about consuming a certain cultural drink in which she thought had bugs in it, only to discover the unusual truth later (listen to the book to find out what!) Maya Angelou empowers and encourages women throughout her story. Like the above book, this is for more mature listeners, as there is a more graphic description of violence and rape.


What books do you and your daughters love? 

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