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Exercise for Everyone at Club Pilates

This post is sponsored by Club Pilates. All opinions expressed are our own.

The Charleston Moms Blog team was so excited to hear that Club Pilates was going to be opening in a few different locations around the Lowcountry, including Summerville. With it’s booming population and new businesses opening frequently, a dedicated studio just for Pilates was just what Summerville needed!

CMB contributor Amber had the opportunity to sit down with Lauren Kirby, the manager of the brand new Club Pilates, located in Summerville on Dorchester Road, while the studio was still under construction. Over coffee, she was able to tell Amber more about the health benefits of Pilates, as well as a little bit of background on the exercise. Created by Joseph Pilates, it was designed with a strong focus on the awareness of breath and the alignment of the spine, while strengthening the deep torso and abdominal muscles. 

“Pilates is the complete coordination of mind body and spirit.” -Joe Pilates

Club Pilates, Summerville

Owners Jim and Patty Garret had a dream to help bring a healthy and inclusive culture to those who want to be fit, without being intimidated by a gym. They decided on Pilates because anyone can do it and with a class maximum of twelve people, the instructors can be more hands-on, giving their clients the best possible experience. 

For anyone who hasn’t tried Pilates with a Reformer and some of the other equipment that is typically used in classes, it can feel a little overwhelming. How does that equipment work, and better question, how do I actually use it? Fortunately, we were able to try one of Club Pilates introductory classes and get a much better understanding of this type of exercise, while also getting a great workout! Our instructor Penny first gave us a tour of the clean, expansive studio and explained about each piece of equipment and how it is used in classes. This definitely helped ease the intimidation factor, but it was time to get down to work and see if Pilates lived up to the hype! 

Our instructor started the class by explaining about each of the pieces of equipment located by our station, and ways to navigate the area throughout the class. Once we were all settled on our Reformers, I started to realize that the equipment was way more user-friendly than I had anticipated. It helped that Penny explained where each body part should be, ensuring that you were maximizing the goal of the exercise, while also helping to prevent any type of injury. Pilates has a strong focus on the breath, and each movement was guided by the in’s and out’s of your breath. Aside from the physical benefits, Pilates is a great way to leave the stress and worries of your day aside and practice being present in each and every movement. Penny would tell us exactly which parts of the body each movement was working, which helped us know that we were feeling the appropriate muscles working.

One of the things that I enjoyed most about this class was that it was a small, allowing the instructor to guide each and every one of us into the correct positions and get one on one attention when needed. There was no strain in trying to hear her over loud music, and no worrying that you were doing something incorrectly. Penny took the time throughout the class to check in and see how everyone was feeling. Although this was just an introductory class into Pilates, I definitely felt like I got a great workout in. The intimidation that I might have initially felt when looking at the equipment disappeared, and now I am just excited about taking my next class! 

They also have a great selection of retail items, including water bottles, Pilates socks, shirts, and much more!

Club Pilates Summerville is offering some great deals on membership pricing leading up to their grand opening weekend on May 5th-6th. The weekend will be full of introductory classes, discounted retail, memberships, and food. There are different memberships available, as well as drop-in rates, and an ever expanding schedule of classes

Speaking of classes, spend some time on the Club Pilates website to find out their class schedule and see what awesome benefits come from being a member. Or better yet, stop by and check it out for yourself! Isn’t it time to invest a little in yourself so that you can be the best YOU possible?

Club Pilates Summerville
9512 Dorchester Rd Ste. 150, Summerville, SC 29485

“Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things.” -Joe Pilates

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