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reFORM Studios Jumpstart Program: The Results

{Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are our own and we would not promote something we didn’t believe to be true.}ReFORM-Studios-Jumpstart-Program-The-ResultHow many times do we join a gym, swear that we are going to go regularly, and in the end, never take full advantage of our memberships? I feel like I have spent more money than I care to admit on exactly that. This is why when I was presented with the opportunity to try reFORM Studios Jumpstart Program out for a month, I knew it sounded like just what I needed to truly get back on the bandwagon of taking back my body and my health (check out my first post about the Jumpstart Program here). I can confidently say now that I am reporting on the end results of this journey, that it was exactly what I needed to ‘jump start” myself in the right direction again.

My workout routine at reFORM Studios

Three days a week I would stroll into the studio, greeted by Ali, the head trainer, and whoever else was working out during that time. For the semi-private classes, four people could be there at one time. This allows you to receive one on one assistance and attention from a personal trainer. Whether it was needing to switch up my form, or just to hear someone say that I was doing a good job, this piece was essential to my success.  

Each day was a new set of exercises that worked different parts of the body. This kept it interesting and it also kept my body guessing, which I feel definitely contributed to the success that I had. The equipment in the studio is utilized in a way that feels comfortable and not overwhelming, which so many gyms can feel like. The thirty minute workouts would fly by, but you were definitely ready to be done by the end! You were working so hard during that short period of time that you knew you had just gotten a killer workout without having to spend hours at the gym.

The results

The results? Well, they speak for themselves. In just a month I lost 7.5 inches all over and am down 11 pounds! In thirty days! As I stood there to be measured by Ali, I felt this rush of confidence that I had not felt in some time. I knew things were changing. I could feel it, in my mood, in my clothes, in my everything. Hearing the numbers was just the icing on the cake. Oh, and speaking of cake, I don’t even find myself wanting anything like that anymore. I know this is mostly due to seeing and feeling the results of hard work. After spending the last month working with reFORM Studios and participating in their Jumpstart Program, I can confidently say that they have helped motivate me and have given me the tools I need to continue this weight loss journey, which is exactly what this mama needed. I look forward to seeing and getting reacquainted with the me that I remember. It has been way too long and reFORM has helped show me that she is still in there, just waiting to come out!

Check them out for yourself!

reFORM Studios
1081-B East Montague Ave., North Charleston, 29405

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