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DIY Last Minute St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirt

I’m one of those moms.  Not the one that has their kid in head-to-toe green ruffles and appliqué rainbows.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be that mom….I’m just not that organized.  I usually remember St. Patrick’s Day at about 3am on March 17th.  And then I dig through my kids’ dressers looking for something {anything} that might pass for green, so they won’t succumb to the cruel pinching kid at school.

If you are like me and forgot that St. Paddy’s Day is just around the corner…. today’s St. Patrick’s Day T-shirt tutorial is for you.  And it is so easy and quick that you can even do it at 3am if you need to!DIY Last Minute St. Patrick's Day T-ShirtMaterials:

a clean, white t-shirt
permanent markers of various shades of the color you want
freezer paper {NOT WAX paper!}
piece of cardboard for the inside of the shirt
DIY Last Minute St. Patrick's Day T-ShirtUse the wax paper to cut out your design.  You can sketch out your own design, or cut your freezer paper down to the size of a sheet of paper and print a design out on it…just be sure that you keep in mind when drawing or printing, that the waxy side of the paper will be ironed down onto your shirt.DIY Last Minute St. Patrick's Day T-ShirtBe sure your iron is NOT on any steam settings, and gently press down onto your wax cutout.  Do NOT move the iron around.  The picture above was posed…when I actually ironed on the shamrock, I covered the design completely with the iron.  Press for about 15 seconds and then lift straight up.DIY Last Minute St. Patrick's Day T-ShirtWhen your cutout is ironed on, insert a piece of cardboard into the inside of the shirt.  The permanent markers WILL bleed through, so this is essential!  I chose several shades of green, and then a contrasting brown color for my shamrock.DIY Last Minute St. Patrick's Day T-ShirtI started out with one color and just made random dots all around my cutout.  Be sure that you make quick, straight up-and-down marks, so they make dots and not lines.  Repeat with all of your colors.  Be sure to get some dots right at the edge of your paper cutout.  Do NOT fill in all gaps around the edge of the cut-out!DIY Last Minute St. Patrick's Day T-ShirtI made my dots more concentrated closer to the edges of my cutout, and then spread them out more and more the further away I went.  I really like how that turned out!DIY Last Minute St. Patrick's Day T-ShirtWhen you are finished with your dots, just peel your cutout off of your t-shirt.  Isn’t it cute?  Now nobody’s pinching my baby!

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