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4 Reasons to Start Orthodontic Treatment Early

4 Reasons to Start Orthodontic Treatment Early*This post on orthodontic care is sponsored by Charleston Orthodontic Specialists. All opinions expressed are our own.

It’s tough to think ahead to braces when your kids are still putting their baby teeth under their pillow, hoping for a couple dollars from the tooth fairy. But braces aren’t just for teenagers. Starting at the age of seven, children should be evaluated by an orthodontist.

That doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily need braces starting at age seven, but it’s important for them to be examined by an orthodontist who can look for potential problems and lay out a timeline for future treatment.

Four reasons to make that orthodontist appointment sooner rather than later:

  1. Create room for new teeth. You may notice as your child’s new permanent teeth are coming in, their mouth is getting crowded. The teeth may be positioned at an odd angle, or out of alignment with the other teeth. An orthodontist can help create the needed space for those new teeth. Creating that room is much easier now while permanent teeth are still coming in, rather than later when all the teeth are crammed into your child’s mouth.
  2. Address other dental issues. Beyond overcrowding of the teeth, your child may be experiencing other dental problems that an orthodontist can address. Look for symptoms like mouth breathing, difficulty chewing/biting, jaws that shift or protrude, difficulty speaking, or inability to comfortably close their lips. Any one of these issues means it’s time for an orthodontist appointment.
  3. Educate your child on good dental health. Orthodontists can reinforce those good habits parents have been preaching for months. For example, if your child continues to suck her thumb, the orthodontist can explain why that’s an issue and the problems that come of that behavior down the road. And we all know kids are much more likely to listen to someone else in authority – even if they say the same things as their parents did.
  4. Get an early start on a spectacular smile. As your child gets older, he’s likely to become more self-conscious about his crooked teeth, or any odd spacing between the teeth. By addressing these issues at an early change, it ensures that your child will have a beautiful smile and be ready for all those smile-worthy moments, such as performing on stage, running for class president, or posing for prom photos.

Go ahead and schedule that first orthodontic appointment to set your child on the right path towards a long-lasting smile and good dental health. During that initial consultation, the orthodontist will thoroughly examine your child’s teeth and may take photographs and digital X-rays to begin their orthodontic record. Your orthodontist also will review any previous dental records and carefully examine not only your child’s teeth, but also their jaw and bite alignment.

The orthodontist can recommend a timeline for the most effective treatment. Your child may need to start treatment immediately, or in the coming months. By getting an early evaluation, you’ll be better prepared to plan for the very best orthodontic care.

4 Reasons to Start Orthodontic Treatment Early

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4 Reasons to Start Orthodontic Treatment Early

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