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80’s Nostalgia

I always wanted to have a daughter, and had always imagined all the fun things we’d get to do together. I never imagined that part of that would include the glory of purchasing so many of the toys that I grew up with!

Seriously though, have you guys been to Target lately? (I’m sure in nearly all cases, the answer to that rhetorical question is a resounding yes!) If you haven’t, you should really go immediately because toys are amazing again, at least the ones for girls, I haven’t ventured into the boys’ toy aisle.

80's Nostalgia

She loves to hug her Cabbage Patch Kids (the hooves don’t weird her out)

Throwback toys

My daughter is way into Cabbage Patch Kids (woot woot!) and Care Bears. She’s also into her Sesame Street toys, even though she’s never seen Sesame Street. She has a glow worm, multiple My Little Pony ponies, and even one of those Fisher-Price phone Chatter toys. We don’t know anyone with a landline anymore, so I’m planning to save that toy so that when she’s older, she can pretend to imagine what it was like to use that type of phone!

The best part about this 80’s toy resurgence is that in nearly all cases, there are various sizes of these toys. The Cabbage Patch Kids my daughter is obsessed with are the Cabbage Patch Cuties. They are smaller dolls that are dressed as farm animals. In full disclosure, she has almost all of them, and even though she really loves pink, I typically hide the pink pig CPK because the feet are shaped like hooves and that freaks me out a little, haha! Anyway, the size is perfect for a one-year-old!   

80's NostalgiaThe Care Bears are also awesome. Most stores that carry Care Bears have both the original group of bears and the “cousins.” Like the Cabbage Patch Kids, the Care Bears come in multiple sizes. My daughter loves to play with the smaller toys, but she also has a big Build-A-Bear Funshine Care Bear, and it’s so awesome because I was able to add a recorded song to the bear. My daughter has a blast pushing the button to hear it sing and giving the bear big hugs. 

Don’t worry, you can still get Pound Puppies and Strawberry Shortcake too! And get ready – according to this article, you’ll be able to get Teddy Ruxpin this summer! Sign me up – for real, where can I get on a list?!?!

I can only hope that this trend continues. Perhaps the fashion from our teens will return (so what if it’s weird and we’re older, it will be fun!) Since our kids will grow up with the new version of 80’s toys, perhaps by the time we have grand kids, the 80’s toys will be reinvented in another fashion! Fingers crossed!

80's Nostalgia

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