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A Summer Solstice Celebration

Most years, the first day of summer is my favorite day because it’s my birthday! I also firmly believe in celebrating any, and every, summer holiday. The past two summers have been lacking in celebration as last year I was still juggling almost one-year-old twins, and the year before that I was 34 weeks pregnant with twins. This year I am so excited to be able to celebrate the Summer Solstice in style with my six-year-old and almost two-year-olds!

A Summer Solstice Celebration

By the time the technical first day of summer rolls around, we will have all been doing summer break with our kids for over three weeks. The excitement of longer days has worn off, and we begin counting down the next first day of school in August. This is when a nice summer celebration comes in handy.

So here are some ideas for a fun summer solstice party…

  1. Work on a summer bucket list with your kids. Ours involves as much water as we can find because let’s just be honest, it is HOT out there. It also helps in establishing your “normal” summer routine.
  2. Break out your grill for dinner and your fire pit for s’mores. Summer is perfect for outdoor dining. Bonus points if you have a screened in porch to avoid the bugs.  
  3. Pull out the markers, chalk, or crayons and have your kids illustrate what summer means to them. The dollar store has great, cheap ideas to keep your little ones busy. I’ll probably send my daughter out to pick weeds to make a dandelion bouquet because to her they are still beautiful flowers. 
  4. Invite friends over to enjoy the day with you. Our goal is to be more intentional about celebrating with friends this summer and getting to know more people in our community. 

Summer is such a great time to relax and grow closer to friends and family. I love a good school year routine, but there is something very freeing about the summer and making memories that will last forever! Enjoy the longest day of the year! I know I will! 

A Summer Solstice Celebration 

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