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Beach Baby Favorites

It’s the south. It’s July. It’s hot. This is no surprise! I knew this was coming, but somehow it still feels hotter than I expected. Hotter than I ever remember! Is it because I have a hot, sticky six-month-old latched onto me at all times? Perhaps. With two family beach trips ahead of me recently, I quickly rounded up some warm weather supplies, and they have served me well! 


rash guard  |  hat  |  reusable swim diaper  |  cabana  |  sunglasses  |  blue lizard

I love the Carter’s one-piece rash guard! There are no snaps/zips at the bottom for diaper changing (just one big zipper at the back neck) and I thought this would be an issue, but it hasn’t! I’ve found that we have rarely been in the sun SO long that I’ve gone through one, much less multiple, changes.  Similar girls’ version here.

This hat is great. Simple, classic, gets the job done and washes well. The blue argyle pattern is super cute.

Applecheeks reusable swim diapers are a hit so far. I have stashed a few disposable swim diapers as well for emergencies, but so far have not needed them. Applecheeks fit well and hold all the…solids.

THIS cabana is everything. It is perfect! Lightweight, easy to put up and keeps everyone shaded well for trips to the beach

The sunglasses stay on. Win.

Blue Lizard Baby is a great sunscreen. It works for us, and I use it on myself also! I have absurdly sensitive skin, so that’s fun.

And while on the topic of sunscreen, if you have not yet read the recent viral post “Excuse Me while I Lather my Children in this Toxic Death Cream”, you should! It is perfect. It is motherhood in today’s world in a nutshell. Sunscreen wasn’t my particular issue, but we all have SOMETHING. No matter what it is, society makes us feel like we have failed somewhere.  I think that as mamas who are all raising happy, healthy children on the whole, we should offer support and patience to other families instead of judgement, even if they do a few things differently.



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