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Bring the Bounty to Your Dang Door

I was never really into the Farmers Market. It’s always busy, there’s a bunch of dogs, and I have two kids under three. Be real. I’m too tired to act like I have time to buy a twenty dollar crepe while walking around looking at jewelry made out of soda tabs. But, I do love fresh local produce as much as the next person, and I love simplifying my grocery shopping as much as possible. I was perusing the internet for local CSA’s (community sustainable agriculture) while sipping something like Tito’s and coconut water when I came across The Bounty Box. (Oh, and this isn’t a sponsored post; I’m just a huge fan!)

What is The Bounty Box?

With The Bounty Box, you get an email with the following week’s menu of produce items, in addition to specialty groceries such as Bloody Mary Mix and local beef. You can pick from curated boxes, or make your own box filled with just your faves. The best part? They deliver it to your door, ladies. They pack it up in a box, package everything separately, and knock on your dang door with a smile. No delivery charge. So, I ordered my first bounty box a couple months ago. Check it out. There is an annual enrollment fee of $23.

Bring the Bounty to Your Dang Door

Poblano peppers. Cucumbers. Tomatoes. Cilantro. Corn. Red bell peppers. Eggplant. Local honey. Onions. String beans. It came out to only $30, I kid you not. Ever since signing up for The Bounty Box, I only shop for produce if I need something that isn’t listed on the weekly menu, which is very rare. The selections have challenged me to expand my horizons and cook with ingredients I typically wouldn’t choose on my own. For example, I roasted those poblano peppers, peeled and chopped them, then threw them into a pot of homemade macaroni and cheese. Total game changer. 

The program is run by Hudson Family Farm located in Rowesville, SC. The people treat their customers well. If you get a few items that are worse for wear, there’s a place on your online order where you can request a replacement at no cost. When Hurricane Matthew came in like a wrecking ball, it set them back a few weeks, but they made sure to credit everyone’s account and keep customers up to speed on how things were going. These are good people, y’all. DID I MENTION THEY DELIVER? AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO TIP. WHERE AM I?

My friends think I’m obsessed because I’m that mama who is constantly taking pictures of her little box of produce in natural light as if I was DIYing newborn photos. I love letting the folks at Hudson Family Farm know what I’ve been cooking up, and they love sharing recipes and pictures that their customers have posted on Instagram and Facebook. Bonus: My crisper drawer is better than yours.

If you want to see what The Bounty Box is all about, they let you try it once without having to pay the enrollment fee. Give it a shot. What do you have to lose? Just thirty minutes of your kids hating you at Food Lion. Check out their Facebook Page for photographs, recipes, and past menus. You can read reviews and contact them with any questions that you may have. They are super responsive, and I want them to be my children’s godparents. 

Long story short: if you want to eat more veggies, sign up for The Bounty Box. Let them simplify half your grocery list by bringing it to you – fresh, local, packaged, and delicious.

This isn't a sponsored post; I'm just a huge fan!

Are you a Bounty Box fan? Leave a comment below for the other mamas around here who want to check it out.

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