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Champagne Problems

A few weeks ago I went to the Meghan Trainor concert with a few girlfriends. I knew most of Meghan Trainor’s songs, but there was one song that I hadn’t heard yet that I was immediately drawn to. It’s called Champagne Problems. I totally connected to it – especially with motherhood.
For me, motherhood has been completely overwhelming. When I moved to Charleston, I had an entirely new identity and it was very hard to adapt to. Before Charleston, I had a job that I loved, that I was successful at, at a company where I was well recognized. When I moved to Charleston, I was now trying to figure out how to be mom 24/7 with no breaks and support my husband as he grew his business. I applied for job after job after job with no luck. I felt totally beat down. I thought, “I have two degrees and plenty of experience…WHY am I constantly being rejected?!” I was buried deep in diapers, nursing, and trying to adapt to my new lifestyle in a city where I knew no one besides my in-laws. This was a huge adjustment and I wasn’t sure how to find myself again. I wasn’t finding the rewarding satisfaction with motherhood that I did in my career. I desperately missed having girlfriends to relate to. I felt very alone and wasn’t sure what to do.
It finally got to a point where I decided to do something about it. I am a big believer in fate and I thought that maybe I wasn’t getting a job because I needed to be at home with my daughter at that moment. So many people would do anything to be in my position. I needed to find a way to enjoy it more. I took a look at myself, my patterns, and thought about where I WANTED to be. What makes me feel good? I was overwhelmed by the little things (toys everywhere, not being able to pee by myself, etc.) and I knew that I needed to learn how to make myself happier so that these little things (champagne problems) wouldn’t bother me SO much.
After hearing Meghan Trainor’s song, I realized that all of my problems were champagne problems! Before this year, I never got a break from mommyhood, I was on edge way too much and was not enjoying my family the way I wanted to. I needed to do things to make me feel like more than just mommy. I determined what I needed to make me feel like ME and this is my personal list:
– A group of girlfriendschampagne problems
– ME time
– Time to work out
– More dates with my husband
=>I need to do things to make me feel like more than just mommy.
So I talked to my husband about it and told him I needed his help. Did you know that I never had a babysitter until my daughter was three years old!?  I decided it is ok to trust other people to watch my daughter. It was better for her and for me. I knew I needed a break from her, from my husband, from my house, so that I could really enjoy them. So, I got a babysitter! During that time I usually work out. I do everything I can to make this happen every week.
Let me end by saying this: champagne problems are STILL PROBLEMS.  Trust me. I still get overwhelmed by the little things. The only difference now is that I realize when I get overwhelmed and stop and think why? For example…yesterday I was a meltdown on edge beast. Why? I hadn’t worked out in almost a week, I had at least one child with me every single second for five days, and I needed a break! My husband was exhausted but he watched the kids so I could work out because he knew that was what we all needed. I still have days and weeks that are hard, but now I recognize my stressors as champagne problems and do something about them. Are you overwhelmed like I was? What is something that can make you think clearer? Do you need someone to talk to? A coach maybe? Girlfriends? A glass of champagne? Don’t be scared to put yourself out there and try something new. You are a mother for goodness sake! If you can create life and be a mother, you can do anything!  Find your tribe and do what you have to do to enjoy your life to the fullest. This is NOT being selfish – this is making you the best YOU that you can be – and everyone around you will benefit from it!
champ-probs-2“My new Wi-Fi doesn’t seem to work
No, no internet, that’s the worst
And my iPhone always seems to die
Right before I hit reply
But I can’t complain at all
No no, life’s too short for that
(Life’s too short for that) no, I can’t complain at all
(Life’s too short for that)
I got champagne problems, champagne problems
So pour a glass and let’s drink up all my champagne problems
I got champagne problems, champagne problems
So pour a glass and let’s drink up all my champagne problems” – Meghan Trainor

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