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Distracted As A Mother

I have probably started typing this blog entry about six or seven times now, and I’m still sitting here staring at a blank page. It’s not that the ideas haven’t been flowing, because they surely have. I think at this point, I have about ten different “topics” that I’ve started to try and formulate into something of substance, something people would want to read. I get to a certain place and get stuck, so I just crumble that idea up and toss in my mental trash can. I’m also already past my deadline of when I was supposed to have this submitted. I feel the pressure to just pull something out of my . . . well you know where, and be done with it. But the perfectionist in me won’t allow that. I mean, I know my post will be far from being perfect, but I want to put forth an adequate amount of effort in order to feel okay enough to hit the “Submit for Review” button. 

I’m also E X T R E M E L Y distracted. And tired. I’m always tired. I am overall mentally distracted/tired from some of life’s latest curve balls, and quite literally I’m distracted at this very moment as my two year old is handing me a piece of his soggy waffle and keeps trying to put his tiny little toes all over my keyboard. {hashtag: momlife} {hashtag: reallife} Oh, and now Doc McStuffins is attempting to give me a check up, “Time for your check up!” she is singing in my ear. While my brain is saying, “Listen Doc! I don’t need another (insert choice word here) check up, I just need to get this done!” Of course, I won’t say this out loud. Instead, I’ll just smile and keep pressing keys, trying desperately to form complete thoughts and sentences that actually make sense. 

Distracted as a motherI feel like I live in a constant state of being distracted and tired.

First, there’s my running to do list: grocery shopping, laundry, dishes, clean house, buy school supplies, back to the store because I forgot something, try to get up and exercise in the morning (try being the operative word here), have a plan for dinner, etc.

Second, there are the three cutest little distractions on the planet. My children. When I’m not working on that to-do list, I am trying to keep three little boys (mostly) happy, (pretty) healthy and (all the way) alive. My days with them are filled with being a teacher, a nurse, a cook, a housemaid, a diaper changer, a referee, a comforter, a play date scheduler, a playmate, and so on.

Third, there are all of the things that I’d really like to do if and when I actually have the time to do them. I’d like to finish the three or four books I’ve started reading and haven’t even come close to finishing. I’d love to be able to sit in peace and quiet and spend time with my husband without one (or both) of us falling asleep on the couch. Go sit at Starbucks and drink coffee with friends and have actual adult conversations? Why yes, I’d love that…as long as we aren’t out too late because remember, I’m tired. A lot. Also, I’m trying this get up early to go exercise thing working, so I need to get some good rest. Oh, and I really need to run back to the store to grab some milk that I forgot earlier and I must finish up my blog post tonight, so maybe we will have to plan this for another night. {hashtag: momlife} {hashtag: reallife} {hashtag: starbucksdrivethruwillhavetodo} 

To be honest, I had absolutely no idea where this post was going when I started typing. I decided I would just let the words come as they may. And as distracted and tired as I am, I actually really like where it’s led me. It’s led me to two words that have become so close to my heart over this past year. Two words that have shown up time and time again for months and months. Two words that I don’t know how to do very well. Two words that ALL moms need to hear. Two words all moms need to take heed to. 

be still

These two words have incredible power behind them. I believe this so much that I recently got them tattooed on my arm. Also, because I don’t like to be still and I need to be reminded of these two words on a very regular basis. As moms, it’s so hard to make time to just be still. Our minds are distracted and our bodies are tired. We fear that if we are still for too long, we may forget or neglect to do something important, or heaven forbid, fall asleep! 

Here’s what I’m learning: The more distracted I am and the more tired I become, the more stillness I need to build in to my life. 

Being still may look different for us all. Maybe it’s going to the beach alone and watching the waves crash onto the shore (we can actually do this because we practically live at the beach!) For you, it may be going to a quiet coffee shop alone with a good book. Now, this next one might be a bit of a stretch, but could it be that you need to turn off your cell phone, computer, iPad, and just sit in the quiet. Just be. 

It’s my hope that we can all make the time to be still.

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