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Evidence Your Hubby Works Away…

Having a husband who works away can be entertaining, hectic, messy and downright exhausting.  The delirium can sometimes turn into hilarity when we are left up to our own devices.  Here are a few pieces of evidence that show your hubby works away:

1. You are teleported back into the 70’s.

While my husband is away, I channel my “inner hippie.” I shower on occasion, and my razor goes on hiatus.  Our boys know when daddy is coming home because mommy is wearing makeup and her hair is washed and fixed.  I’m totally loving this “messy-bun” trend.  Who would’ve known I was so “fashion forward;” I’ve been rocking it for years!!

2. You surrender to your home.

My home and I have an understanding: during the week my husband is working, it’s allowed to be a “hot mess,” but the day before his arrival, IT’S ON!!  I decided, mathematically, I was losing the battle; it’s two kids against one me.  Don’t let those sweet smiles and big blue eyes of theirs fool you; they can cover more ground in less time.  The clean up crew (ME) is physically impossible to keep up with their shenanigans.


3. Meals can get VERY creative.

And by creative, I mean making the bare minimum “work.”  We have eggs and tortillas…breakfast burritos it is!!  It really is an acquired skill that I obtained in my college days and perfected in motherhood.

4. Laundry is optional.

Sometimes the clothes never leave the dryer.  It’s a luxury really: warm wrinkle-free clothes at your fingertips.  Just press a few buttons and WAALAA! Unfolded laundry also doubles as couch pillows or add a unique design to your interior!

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What daily tasks fall by the wayside when your husband leaves town?







2 Responses to Evidence Your Hubby Works Away…

  1. Robyn H July 21, 2016 at 12:38 pm #

    LOL…. This is so accurate. The other day my son made a peanut butter and cheese tortilla for dinner. My response? “Eww….but works for me.” If my husband was home, that would have been a no-go.

  2. Celina voelker July 22, 2016 at 7:50 am #

    Yes!! I know exactly what you mean! Picking battles while he is away is key.