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Be Your Family’s Healthy Inspiration

Be Your Family’s Healthy InspirationAs we evolve into kissers of boo boos, wipers of tears, and defenders against monsters, the importance of taking care of the number one hero, ourselves, becomes lost. It’s not intentional; we are moms, and we take pride in being the first one to pick our children up when they fall down. But, when we don’t put ourselves first even some of the time, we are hurting the ones closest to us. I know, this is easier said than done and it may take a revelation for you to make a change if you haven’t already.

For me, the revelation was going under anesthesia three different times for the same reason.

I’m tired of doing this. I don’t want to put my family through this again.

All I knew is I wanted to feel better for my family and for me, but I had no idea what it would take to get me there. The change started with how I fueled my body. Most of the food in our home was comprised of white flour, wheat, and dairy, which were the driving forces for my illness. So little by little I started to eliminate these “foods” that were causing me, causing us, to suffer. It was by no means easy watching my kids and husband eat things that I once loved, but something amazing began to happen when I changed what I ate…

Be Your Family’s Healthy InspirationMy boys started to inquire about what “mommy was eating,” and slowly our home began to grow healthier. Mommy was feeling better and had more energy, and we as a family were more active. Don’t be deceived, my children are still children and eat ice cream and candy on occasion. They just have a renewed outlook on life now that we are a “healthier family.”

Being a healthy mom shouldn’t last the length of a “diet” but your whole life. So ride your bike, jump on the trampoline WITH your kids, bring them to the farmers market to shop for fresh veggies and fruit, be a healthy inspiration to your family.

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