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Homemade Fun for a Homebound Toddler

And just like that, my Macey decided that she wanted to potty train. She doesn’t have a huge vocabulary for a 22-month old, but it is now growing faster than her body.  This kind of decision takes major focus for anyone, much less someone who cannot stand to sit around.  I had a few Spoleto activities along with some errands to run. Instead, we are homebound in some weird tropical weather. How can we give a good effort at this potty-training without making both of us crazy?

Challenge accepted.  I picked some mom-brains, pinned my favorites and tackled this toddler-entertainment task head-on! These are just a few of our activities to help keep sanity close by.



We are keepin’ it cool for the toddler and pooch thanks to the $12 Walmart Pool.  We already had the play area and just added a plastic pool for that daredevil slide.  This was a great break from indoors when those small rays of sunshine popped through.



IMG_20160521_103843Growing plants, watering them, naming them, and now greeting the lizards, butterflies and other surprises is a daily treat! We planted more seeds during this rainy weather and now reeping the benefits. 




Next came one of my favorite inventions–chalkboard spray paint. An old Ikea table was the perfect match for my future chalkboard table.  Throw in a portable speaker for music, a few snacks, and this activity will last another half hour!


Painting and craft time is a mess of fun! Paint takes at least an hour total by the time you set up, paint and clean up, but it is so worth it.


Later in the day, we sang songs, completed a Pinterest paper plate masterpiece, acted out different animals, read 20+ books and did a stroller jog.

Oh, did I mention this was only one day. What are we going to do for the rest of the week??????


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