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I’m an Average Mom…

…and I’m perfectly ok with that. 

When I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to be THE. BEST. I envisioned having my daughter’s room perfectly neat and tidy for when we brought her home. Clothes would be washed and hung in ascending order, sorted by color, and sorted by type of item (shirts, dresses, bottoms). Diapers and wipes were organized and ready to go, along with rash creams and shampoos in their respective bins. The rest of the house was also going to stay in order…dishes washed, clothes put away, vacuuming and dusting done on a regular basis. Bedtime routine was going to be a snap, reading books every night. Dinner time would a breeze because why wouldn’t my child want to eat EVERYTHING I cooked?

Then I had a baby, and realized that…

…In all reality, I’m an average mom.

I’m an Average Mom…My daughter’s room is neat and tidy because we use it only to sleep in. Hurricane Audrey comes through my living room twice a day. Pre-child, I was completely against bribing and thought FOR SURE that a two-year-old will be able to listen and pick up her toys when asked (or even when not asked). But in great two-year-old fashion, she will only pick up her toys when bribed with a treat. She will not listen when I ask her not to color on the couch, the dogs, or daddy’s computer book, and she only eats the play dough when I’m not looking. #mmmsalty

Because let’s face it, I’m an average mom.

I was going to be the mom who was able to cook one meal for dinner and not only would my child want to eat it, but she would eat ALL of it. I was also going to be that mom who asked her daughter what she wanted to eat and she would tell me a meat, a veggie, and a starch. Reality showed me that mealtimes can be AMAZING…if you consider making three different meals, reheating the first meal, and then the third meal, and then finally settling on cereal for dinner for your two-year-old winning. (#atleastsheatesomething #momgoals #we’lltryagaintomorrow) Sometimes my daughter goes to bed without eating anything and I have to put formula or oatmeal in her milk when she goes down for the night.

I’m an Average Mom…Whadda know, I’m an average mom.

Audrey gets a bath AT LEAST every other day. Her clothes get washed at least once a week.  Basically what I’m saying is that my child goes to daycare fresh as a daisy! Me on the other hand, I’m all about the wash down with some wet wipes, dry shampoo, deodorant, and body spray. It is embarrassing how long I go without taking a shower sometimes, but who has TIME?! I would love to have time for a bath because I need more than ten minutes to decompress and rejuvenate this old body. I should also probably take stock in Febreeze as my clothes get “washed” in it at least once before washing them in real detergent. #sofreshandsoclean

Don’t judge me, I’m an average mom.

My daughter watches YouTube like it is going out of style. She loves Peppa Pig, the ‘Jonny Jonny’ song and the ‘Mommy Finger’ song.  She will also watch the random videos of people opening up garbage (not actual garbage because that is gross) and pulling out what is inside. We have the TV on in the background while she plays almost every day. And yet she has a better tan than I do! Thanks daycare! #whatdidwedobeforeYouTube

So to wrap it all up, I’m an average mom.

I’m no superhero, although my husband and daughter might disagree. I say I’m an average mom and I’m perfectly ok with that because I am. I know that everyday my child wakes up happy (unless she’s in that ‘don’t F with me’ mood lol), healthy, and knows that she’s loved. I have quickly learned that I need to go with Audrey’s flow (to a certain extent). I’ve learned that reading books or experts’ blogs make me a basket case and doesn’t allow me to explore and understand Audrey’s learning and development. I may be an ‘average’ mom, but darn if I’m not AMAZING at it!

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