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You Just Can’t Make These Up; Best of “Mom Moments” (Part 1)

Everyone loves a good story, and as moms, our lists of stories never seems to end! New experiences are gained every day in the shoes of a mom; many that are comical, some that are scary, others that are gross, and a few that are embarrassing, but what each experience has in common is that it is raw and 100% organic—yep, sometimes you just can’t make up “mom moments!” I have compiled a collection of stories from my fellow mom friends, and a few of my own, that illustrate all the many angles of being a mom…the proud moments, the funniest moments, the uncomfortable moments, the surreal moments, the grossest moments, but most of all, the REAL moments!

*Names have been excluded to protect the (semi) innocent 🙂

Best of “mom moments”

  • You Just Can't Make These Up; Best of "Mom Moments" (Part 1)It had been a long day, but a bath was still needed and my little one yearned for a little more play time. I thought I had a brilliant idea…I would take a bath with my one-year-old son; I could bathe him and then relax in a nice warm bath while he played and splashed around. Right as I was settling in and watching my sweet, clean boy play with his bath toys, I happened to look over and see him holding his breath. I’ve seen him do this before, so I knew it only meant one thing…before I knew it, I was surrounded by floating “logs” and brown, mushy poop particles. So much for a “chillaxing” bath for me; out came the paper towels and the cleaning supplies.
  • My husband, three-year-old son and I were traveling to attend a family member’s funeral. We were frantically trying to get to the funeral on time, but needless to say we were running really late. My son shares from the back seat “I have to poop.” My husband and I look at each other because we know that when our son says he needs to poop that we have about a minute to get him to the toilet. We did and said everything we could to coach our son to hold his poop. Thank goodness we didn’t have to go far. We drove into the nearest rest area like a Nascar car pulling into a pit stop. My husband immediately ran around to get our son. Here I am watching all of this go down…my husband is wearing his nice suit, my son is wearing his nice clothes, and they both look like they’re trying to beat a personal record in a race as they sprint to the restroom with the potty seat in tow. The funeral began at 2 pm and we managed to make it there at 1:59 pm, poop free and all!
  • I was flying with my infant son when one of the worst things that could of happened in a small, cramped space happened…my son had a blow out. The gentleman sitting next to me was asleep so I couldn’t get out to change him. I started pulling anything and everything I could out of the diaper bag to cover him and to hopefully cover up the smell that lurked from his bottom. I also thought to turn the air on high in hopes of filtering the smell or lessening it as much as I could. When the plane landed, I humbly let everyone else go in front of me and then darted for the nearest restroom.
  • It was the day before the College Football National Championship game. My husband and I are die-hard Clemson fans, so not attending the game was not an option. With less than one day before we were Tampa bound, our dedication to our Tigers was tested. I found myself battling the grueling pain resulting from a clogged milk duct. I had to do something to relieve the overwhelming pain radiating through my breast. I tried everything that Google recommended, but got no relief. Desperate times call for desperate measures, we had a national championship game to get to—my husband, the good man and tiger fan he is, employed his unconditional love for me and did the inevitable—he cleared my clogged duct. Hooray, crisis averted and I was on my way to watch the Tigers!
  • I was in the thick of the “newborn haze” while also attending to a freshly turned two-year-old. I was nursing my newborn daughter when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and it was a gentleman soliciting for a local cable provider. I had my daughter in one arm and reached down to grab our dog by the collar to quickly realize that I never latched my nursing tank and out popped my boob! I stood there for what felt like forever, but I couldn’t re-latch the strap without either putting my newborn daughter down or letting go of the dog, so I said “sorry” and just slammed the door with my hip.
  • When my son was sixteen-months-old, nap time was difficult and especially so while staying in a small hotel room. After I put him down in his pack-n-play, I hid out in the bathroom to provide my son with a distraction free zone to fall asleep in. While I am getting comfortable in my “mom hide out zone,” I hear my son yell “mamma, dada, dog, Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch—it is his favorite movie) come get me out.” When no one arrives to get him out, he decides to take matters into his own hands and climbs out of the pack-n-play, turns the TV on, and picks up the phone to ask for Stitch.
  • We went on quite a few road trips when our daughter was an infant. We religiously stopped every three hours so that I could nurse her—we also have a toddler who loved these frequent breaks in the drive. The more road trips we took, the more exhausted we found ourselves from traveling double the time it should take to reach our destination. It wasn’t until our daughter was around eight months old that we decided there would be no more stopping every three hours. Instead, I would do what every “real cow” would do…I hung my boob out while my daughter nursed. My daughter was satisfied, I was more dehumanized, and we reached our destination a lot quicker!
  • My daughter is such a happy baby, she seems to have fun in every aspect of her life, even breastfeeding. She, like many older breastfed babies, gets distracted while nursing. In fact, she even practices her yoga by assuming her position in downward dog, She has also found the fun in giving me “raspberries” while nursing, or “zeerberts” as some may call them. This scene is quite hilarious for both of us! I can’t help but to laugh when she does these “raspberries” and then looks up at me smiling and laughing with milk dribbling out of her mouth.

The days are long, but the years are short—when life gives you “mom moments” keep them, cherish them, and make them forever memories!

*A special thank you to all of my friends who shared their stories with me and allowed me to include their “mom moment” in my blog piece! And since kids are always giving us such great material moments, stay tuned for part two of “You Just Can’t Make These Up; Best of “Mom Moments”

What are some of your most memorable “mom moments?”

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  1. Lauren Corbett
    Lauren Corbett February 16, 2017 at 9:43 am #

    These are hilarious! Especially love the milk duct story . . . desperate times!