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Life Without Diapers

life without diapersOne of my most bizarre parenting moments has been watching a human that I pushed out of my body, learning to push a poop out of his body. We are in the midst of potty training, and I’m oddly proud, extremely grossed out, and thrilled that our life with diapers has ended. My little guy is doing so well at listening to his body and he is giddy with excitement when the deed is done.

One of the biggest reasons I’m glad this season is over is the continuing struggle I have with “mommy brain.” Just like with breastfeeding, I was always worried I’d be stuck somewhere without diapers. So, I had them stashed in every possible place I could shove them, including the 18 diapers that I found when doing a deep clean of the car. Obsessive, right? And then there are the wipes and the changing pad and the plastic bags and the cream….I like to travel light and have always found the whole diaper thing to be cumbersome and intrusive. Not to mention, one of the grossest things is trying to take off a regular diaper at the beach when you forgot to put on the swim diaper before they toss themselves face first into the water. Forget what lives in the ocean, or the pull of the current, the weight of that thing is enough to take a kid down!

All joking aside, he has been out of diapers for two weeks now and it has been tremendous. I have no doubt that there will be the moment when we are in the middle of Target, with a full cart of stuff, and we will have to make a mad dash to the other side of the store to make it to the bathroom in time. I’m sure there will be the embarrassing moment when my son screams “Mommyyyyy, I need to pooooooppp!” in the middle of a nice restaurant and we will have to run through the crowd of laughing diners to get to the closest loo. Not having to carry those bulky, stinky things and all that goes along with them has put my mind and the weight of my pocketbook at ease!

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